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The Power Steering Pulley Ceases to Exist

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Yesterday, I got a call to rescue my cousin's Suburban that broke down. No big deal, I was already hooked up to the flatbed trailer and the truck was loaded with recovery gear from a previous rescue job I had to run earlier in the day. We get to his truck and load it up on the trailer, and proceed to head home. Everything's going well, and we're about 5 miles from home, when we hear a loud clunk, and suddenly lose voltage and power steering. No big deal, we probably just threw the serpenteine belt. I open the hood and start to inspect everything. Sure enough, the belt's missing, but then I notice the power steering pulley's missing.

Since we were only 5 mlies away from home, we thought we could limp it home with no accesories. This turned out to be not true as within 1000 feet, the temperature gauge pegged out and we had to shut the truck down. Defeated, I called someone to come drag us home. We hooked up to his dually, and started off. Only problem was, he was pulling us at 30-35mph. Keep in mind I have no power brakes and have to stop not only myself, but the trailer with another Suburban on it. I was scared that he'd stop short and I wouldn't be able to stop the truck. Luckily we didn't have any issues. I started the truck up right before I knew we'd have to stop so I could have power brakes without overheating the engine. Unfortunately, I rode the brakes on the way home, so now I need to replace the pads and shoes again because they're cooked.

So, I now have a good bit of work to get done to get the truck road-worthy again. I have no idea how a cast steel pulley fell apart like that, but it did.


  1. Crawdaddy's Avatar
    Here's a picture of the non-existent power steering pulley:

  2. ChevyFan's Avatar
    Wow, that sucks, sorry to see that man.