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Ultimate Truck Gear RockerPods - Initial pre-blog!

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So, it's been 24hrs and my pulse has gone back down to normal.

Yesterday I found out I won the RockerPod Giveaway from the GM Truck Club (GMTC). What a shock and a surprise!

I'd originally seen the RockerPods (RPs) at the 2008 SEMA show. I took notice of Ultimate Truck Gear's (UTG) booth when I came across it, recognizing them from being a Vendor and advertising on the GMTC forum website.

I snapped a few pictures but didn't want to go and disturb the UTG folks - they were talking with others and I didn't feel it fair to interrupt just to say "hi, I'm on the GMTC forum..." I must admit the few times I went by their booth there always seemed to be people around, talking with those working the booth, and even getting the RockerPods demo'ed.

I snapped a few pictures of the truck they had their RPs displayed on and went on my merry way.

When I got back home it didn't take me all too long to make a mention of them on the GMTC forum site, stating that I'd seen them and their RPs, saw the demo for others and commented on how good they looked, how sturdy they were, and how they made the truck stand out.

When the RockerPod Giveaway came up on the GMTC I was thrilled and took a few days to think about what I could do as an entry. Although I could have private messaged, e-mailed, or posted my entry on/through the GMTC, I didn't feel that simply writing down what I had in mind would have worked. It would have looked tedious and long. I wanted to get the message across - not only would I love to have a set of RPs, I would love to be able to tell others about the RPs, what they do, if/how well they worked, and give an honest review of what I thought of them.

I'm a lowly consumer like everyone else and it's always difficult to wade through the hype some products front their products with and honesty is somewhat of a luxury when it comes to sales and marketing. Buying things without knowing them through and through beforehand is always somewhat a game of chance. Most times you win, sometimes you lose - big!

When I created my video entry for the folks at UTG I wanted to make sure they understood that they weren't just giving away their product to some lucky person but that they were investing in an opportunity to show off their product to all those that may be potential/future customers.

When I had my ideas straight in my mind it was only a matter of a few days' worth of picture taking and putting them through a time-line video. I enjoyed putting it all together and was almost happy with it when I put it up on YouTube and sent the link in as my entry. There was so much more I wanted to say that I wasn't able to. The fact that I had several great scenes at my disposal for picture taking, the fact that I was truly willing to give an honest and on-going real world product review, etc etc.

After almost two months' worth of waiting the day finally arrived that the winner was to be announced. After my day was over I logged onto the GMTC to see who the big winner was and found a profile message with a link to the post showing who the lucky member was.

With the limited vocabulary I have in my arsenal, I cannot express how happy I was to find that I had won the RockerPod Giveaway! I literally shouted for joy!

It took me a little while to stop jumping up and down. Once I did, I was able to somewhat contain myself long enough to post a thank you to UTG. Shortly thereafter I logged on to eBay and, with the mental image I had of what was going to happen to our 1999 Suburban, purchased a few items I had been watching in preparation of purchase at some point. I couldn't help it! Ultimate happiness puts me in the shopping mood, I guess!

Now, as I said earlier, here we are about 24hrs later and my pulse has practically returned to normal. I am sitting in a coffee shop yuppily blogging on the internet!

Wait, is "yuppily" a word? How do you do something like a yuppie? Or do I just stick with "nerd"?

Anyway.... so, on my third large cup of mocha, here I sit, happy as a clam.

Why are clams so happy, anyway?

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    You still like these bad boys?