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Ultimate Truck Gear Rocker Pods - First Road Trip

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With the recent addition of the Rocker Pods (RPs) from Ultimate Truck Gear (UTG) I was looking forward to a road trip to Florida for a family vacation. I had just installed the RPs and was thinking of what to fill them with. So much to choose from!

Below is a list of what I ended up putting in the RPs for the trip:

  • A box with an array of handtools including, metric/standard wrenches, m/s mini socket and wrench, several different pliers, wire cutters, allen wrenches, several small prying tools, hole punch, small digital meter, and a few things that escape me right now.
  • A small size pry bar
  • Full set of s/m socket and two sizes socket wrench with a few extensions
  • Electrical tape and connectors, switches, fuses (it's all one box I put everything in with dividers)
  • Heavy jumper cables
  • Tow strap
  • Two different sized hitch & balls, plus the pin adapter, locking hitch pin, and regular hitch pin
  • T-shaped tire iron (after market wheels.. the factory tire iron doesn't fit my lugs - learned that close to home one day, thank goodness)
  • A few fishing rods
  • A soft case (worm) tackle pouch
  • 2 clear utility boxes with extra line, grease, and small screwdrivers and such (salt water fishing... I'm not used to it so I have to have a seperate kit for fixing stuff up!)
  • A tube of windshield washer juice pellets
  • Work gloves
  • Mag light

...I'm sure there's more but I can't think of it right now.. but you get the idea.

Here's the kicker: I didn't even fill up the two boxes! I actually had most of the stuff *easily* put in one box on the passenger side (roadside emergencies.. which side do you want to be kneeling on when you're on the side of the road? Think smart, ppl!) with the other only having the fishing rods and reels, and the few small tackle boxes that would fit, and then I had the hitches and related equipment there, that's all! Everything else fit nicely on the other side, and nothing was cramped. I was very impressed.

Anyway! On with the roadtrip...

So we left Missouri, me, my wife,l granddaughter and one dog and made our way through TN, LA, GA, etc.

Well, about halfway through our first day the driver's side door handle popped and was nonfunctional from then on. I knew what had happened because I'd changed out the doorhandle a few weeks back. The rod that pushes down on the latch to open the door must have come loose and popped out.

So the rest of the trip I had to have my wife get in and open my door from the inside for me.

We did an overnight in GA (hardly slept... it was the type of motel where you pull in at 10 pm and everyone is sitting outside of their door on the balcony...the hair on the back of your neck standing up... So I took Moose (the bulldog/mastiff mix) out for a walk and a few times told him there's a stranger. "Stranger" at home means I see someone on the property that I don't know and Moose will normally go to the window and do his big dog bark. Well, that worked and while we were walking around for him to 'do outside' I silently told him stranger.

*Wooof*......*Woof!*.... with the big deep throat bark while he looked around with that "who's screwing around here, anyone..?... anyone wanna screw around here..?."

I digress!

So we spent the night in GA, left early morning and arrived in Florida the next afternoon.

After unloading the Suburban and showing my father, my parents down from Canada for a vacation, the RPs I got to work! With the tools I'd brought with me I was about to take off the inner door panel (without breaking clips!), undo the inner door a little to be able to reach my arm in, take off the handle, gerry-rigged the rod back on (used a twisted fishing swivel to take the place of the broken clip!) and reinstall everyting. Total time.. less than 1/2 hr!

Had I not had the tools with me I could have spent about $20 at the Dollar General to kind of get the tools I needed to do the fix.

Anyhow.. I was happy as a clam. For some reasons we seems to think of clams as happy. Why? I dunno.

I have to say that the trip down to Florida was QUIET!

I know it's not just my imagination as well because my wife said, without my prompting, that she's noticing how quiet the drive was - with less wind noise than usual especially with the windows down.

The conclusion I came to is that the RPs , installed between the tires, let the air flow around the bottom half of the truck a lot easier and a lot quieter than when I simply had the running boards.

So off we go on our vacation. Beach, rain, boating, rain, pool, restaurants, rain, shopping, aquarium, rain, etc.

Here's the fun part:

TWICE I was honked at while stopped for a red light. Come to find out, I was being asked about the RPs. Where did I buy them, did I install them myself, how do I like them, etc etc! My wife was laughing because 4 out of 5 ppl would stare at the truck. I'm not even joking!

Luckily I had a stack of pamphlets in the netting behind my seat and a stack of business cards in the console. My wife, bless her, got out both times and handed the information to the admirers who were very thankful for the quick information.

This is not to mention all the questions and looks (and PICTURES) while at gas stations and restaurants. I had quite a few conversations with folks about the Rocker Pods.

The trip home was much of the same. Lots of looks on the highway, conversations at truck stops, and the like.

My granddaughter, all 7 years old of her, found a great appreciation for the RPs as well with the extra foot hole so she could actually get in the truck without having to jump her second leg onto the running board.

All in all I was very pleased with the Rocker Pods and the attention they got.


  1. ChevyFan's Avatar
    Wow, great write up! That would be interesting to put a vehicle in a wind tunnel and do a comparasion with and without the rocker pods to see if it does keep the drag down on the rear-wheels when going down the road...
  2. Crawdaddy's Avatar
    Ya drove through LA without stopping and saying hi! Shame on you, shame. Glad you like the Rocker Pods.
  3. bob13's Avatar
    You could be a writer, I swear. Glad to hear everything went well. The Pods look great and it certainly seems they picked someone that would really get use out of them. Can't wait to hear the next installment of "CHROICLES OF THE PODS"
  4. Doberman's Avatar
    HMMM!! Wind tunnel.....I never even concidered that LOL!!.....Great write up Steve, glad you had a good time.......OK I'm going to find a wind tunnel, always thought how they might look on an F1 race car....
  5. dwill3015's Avatar
    Nice blog on the RP's Steven!
  6. jnbama's Avatar
    Didn't know anything about Rocker Pods, somebody had the smarts to design them for pickups when large versions have been on moving vans and car haulers for years