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It's the great pumpkin Charlie Brown

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I have side project this year with my kids. We are attempting to grow a Giant pumpkin. I am shooting for at least 500lbs. We have one seed sprouted already and another not far behind. I have 2 hills ready for planting. I will update with pictures soon. Another challenge is we are gonna try to make square watermelons. Found it on a website called Looks like fun. If it works I am gonna try different shapes next year. I will keep this updated with progress.

June 11,2009-

The second seed came through the soil yesterday and the leaflets are starting to seperate. Also it looks like I may have a third one started. The first plant has it's first primary leaf coming out. Once that is out I can put it in the ground.

Yesterday I cleared a 35x30 piece of my yard for the patch I have to get it ready with compost but the weather has been horrible. We have at least 2 more days of rain. I hope I can get out there by Saturday.

June 12 2009-
The rain was holding off so Yesterday after work I test the soil and I have a great ph of 6.5. Also tilled the pumpkin patch area. My 5 year old was an eager beaver and was running the tiller. Nothing like seeing your son take an interest in something with a motor. Now I just gotta clean out the grass clumps and till in some compost. Then it's planting time on Saturday.

June 14 2009

Planted the Pumpkin plants yesterday after tilling in some compost. Had to make a coupe of mini green houses to keep em warm at night. I hope this works out. This morning I put some fish emulsion fertilizer around a them. I also checked the rest of the crops. Tomatoes are visible on the plants, corn is growing good, cucumbers are rowing well, cantaloupe seeds are sprouting, watermelon seeds are pushing out of the ground. I could get used to this gardening stuff it is very rewarding. We also have 2 more giant pumpkin seeds sprouted, I don't know what to do with these. maybe plant them and just let nature do it's job. Just to see what they do.

June 15 2009

Cleaned up the pumpkin patch tried to get as much of the grass clumps out that I could. Then retilled the patch. Also built a planter box for my cantaloupes. There was a tree shading one corner of the garden so i backed my truck up and saw off the limbs extending over the garden. Thought for sure I was gonna damage the truck, fortunately the limb hit the ground as it swung towards the truck. Very close call.

July 15 2009

Lot sof action in the patch these days. Plants are sprawling out and I've created a slug catcher using beer. I didn't realize slugs were such alcoholics. On plant has it's first pumpkin bud showing. Hopefully the weather will stay good and I'll be growing an actual pumpkin soon.
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  1. ChevyFan's Avatar
    That's awesome!
  2. bry2500's Avatar
    Thanks Steve. It is already a lot of work. I hope I can keep it up.