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The Rise of Black Betty!

RECON Projector Headlight Install

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Hey ya'll! Just got back from Vegas and installing the new headlight! Gotta tell you, it was NOT as easy as I was expecting it to be! Aside from pretty vague installation guides, we had a tough time finally calibrating the lights properly. After spending the better part of the day pulling the old lights out, we then went to work installing the old wiring harness into the new housing. This required splicing the L.E.D.'s from the turn signal indicator and Halo rings into the power supply. This turned out to be quite difficult as the example the used in the "guide" was from a classic body style Sierra, which does not have the same wiring set up. This lead to problems like only one halo lighting up (if low beams were on, the low beam halo lit up. If high beams were on, only the high beam halo lit up). After about an hour of trouble shooting, we were finally able to get the proper lights on for the proper mode.
Finally came time to adjust the lights! I figured it wasn't going to be a too big of a problem, as I had a lot of trust and respect for the RECON brand. Turns out I may have ended up with a bad set of lights! As we went about adjusting the lights, we noticed that on 3 of the 4 beams, we lost the ability to adjust the settings. As it was becoming quite late, we decided to stop for the night and pick up again in the morning. Well as we got started the next day, we took out the lights, and inspected the housing. Turns out that there were problems with most of the adjusting bolts. Two of the beams just needed to be set through an adjusting phase (thankfully, was able to use a cordless drill at slow speeds to send the lights through their paces), but the last bolt wasn't even attached to the lighting assembly! We figured we'd just disassemble the housing and do a quick fix, but then we noticed that they had used a silicon filler around the clear lens and the black housing. Trying to separate these two would have more then likely resulted in cracking the clear lens. So we opted to try and finagle the bolt back into place through the opening in the back (where the bulb access was). This took quite a bit of patience to work the bolt into place (thankfully, my grandfather has more patience than I as I was ready to throw in the towel!). With a lot of careful work, we were able to fit the bolt back into the housing! Now we could get back to re adjusting the beams!
Now, before I go on I would like to say that we were under the gun this second day as I had to return to Monterey, CA that night for work. That being said, after fixing the lights we had that almost impossible task of trying to adjust the beams in the Vegas sun! We did a little creative shade making to do the best we could to adjust the beams, although we wouldn't know how well we had done until I was hours into my return trip home on the night. Needless to say I was pretty nervous most the of the trip waiting for the sun to set! But set it did, and revealed that we had done pretty well in adjusting the lights considering the circumstances. Alas, the lights were still off center (about 5 degrees too far left for the left light, and 10-15 degrees left for the right light) which made for an interesting drive home! As I know now how to properly adjust the lights, this little problem will be easily remedied once i have some time after work!
With all that said, I would like to say that I don't ever plan on buying new headlights ever again. I'll buy new bulbs, but after all the problems we had with this set never again!


  1. Drake_korthos's Avatar
    Almost forgot! You can see some of the work, and the final look under my "current project" folder!