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Ultimate Truck Gear Rocker Pods - Installation

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Well, so I've received the Rocker Pods from Ultimate Truck Gear. I've enlisted the help of a friend that's wanted to help with the RPs ever since I told him about them. He wishes he had a truck to put them on, I'm sure.

With this being the first Suburban to have a set of RPs, Peter from UTG set off to find one he could borrow for a few weeks in order to get measurements and see about where mounting brackets could go.

The RPs arrived with three brackets per side, all the mounting hardware, and a set of instructions that were...

....well, there WERE no instructions! How do you send instructions to help with something that's never been done yet?

Thanksfully, Peter worked his fingers to the bone (most probably LITERALLY!) to type a set of instructions about what goes on where, in what order, and how.

I'm not sure how to word everything now so let me type in fragmented segments sentences about my and Brian's experience in installing these Rocker Pods:

  • Understand, both Brian and I feel more comfortable in front of a computer screen than we do with a wrench under a hood. Don't misunderstand me - I love doing that kind of stuff, but it's not really my forte.
  • I arrived to Brian's father-in-law's garage at 5:30. We had decided to do the work there seeing as there was an air compressor and a myriad of tools to choose from.
  • The Suburban got pulled into the garage at 6 and the work began.
  • Once we found the socket wrenches and got the appropriate size we got to removing the 20 or so nuts that hold the running boards to the body. We only did one side at a time instead of doing everything at once so we could have a reference side in case things went horribly wrong!
  • We looked at the first set of instructions and easily determined where the mounting brackets were to go. One to the rear fram, bolted to the frame itself; one to the bottom of a body mount near the middle; one to the bottom of the body mount near the front of the RP.
  • The long bolts holding the body mounts were taken off, the brackets were added, and the bolts reinstalled.
  • The rear (box type) bracket was bolted to the rear in the approximate location.
  • With two jacks, the RP (clearly marked by UTG as to which side was which) was raised and placed in position, with measurements being taken front and back to check for even height RP to body. It was put forward/backwards in place and care was taken that no body mounts were rubbing on the RP, the a/c lines were clear of the RP, etc etc.
  • We then both kicked each other in the butt when we figured that the measurements did NOT apply -- seeing as we'd not installed the mud guards yet and that would throw off all out measuring.
  • We brought the RP down, placed the mud guard in place and punched center marks of where the bolts should be going.
  • We then looked for a drill. And looked. And looked. And found one.
  • We then looked for a drill bit of the appropriate size. And looked. And looked.
  • 1/2 hr later we had a (kinda) drill and a drill bit that should be about the size we need, although not titanium.
  • We set forth on the task of drilling the four holes needed to hold the mud guard in place.
  • About 30 minutes after that we had four holes drilled, most of which were where we wanted them. We installed the guards and raised the RP again to get back to doing the measuring which we did a little quicker this time.
  • We marked the preliminary holes, brought the Pod down and started to drill the first of 6 holes.
  • Well, my wife had come down with some extra tools I'd called and asked her to bring from my house (25 minutes away) so I had an extra set of sockets, titanium bits, and wrenches.
  • The bits were too small and my largest one wasn't large enough for the bolt holes needed to be drilled.
  • A decision was made to break, go to Lowes to get the bits and come back to finish the one side at least.
  • We got to Lowes just after 9 (they close at 10, thankfully), which is 45mins away, got the drill bits we needed and headed back.
  • Stopped at my house on the way back, grabbed my HAMMER DRILL, shovelled food into our faces and got back to the shop about 10.
  • We made quick work of the 6 holes with the bits and hammer drill and in no time we had the RP back on the jacks and into place.
  • After some messing around we got the RP in place and bolted up.

It was just about 11pm by that time - 5 hrs after we'd started - and that was only ONE of the two RPs we had to put on!

We stood back, admired the look of the Suburban and got renewed by how great it looked. We were then determined to get the other side done - even if it meant we were there until the sun came up!

Well, fortunately the other side went MUCH quicker. We still took our time to make sure everything was being done right but we knew what to do and what to expect.

Right after midnight we pulled the truck out and admired the full set of RPs installed on the Suburban. We both thought they looked great but were too tired to do anything else. We packed up the shop, closed it all up, I threw all my own tools in the RPs and we headed home.

I must say - the install would have gone much more smoothly had we had all the tools to begin with. The instructions were a little help though not much are needed. It really is THAT simple in install and if you know your way around a garage/shop then it would be that much easier for you.

If a couple computer dorks can get them installed, you could as well!

If you would like to see pictures of the install please let me know and I'll direct you to them!

Updated 06-12-2009 at 11:29 AM by Springthing



  1. Doberman's Avatar
    Thanks for this info Steven.....your too kind.....Still can't figure out why my ears were burning the night of the install LOL!!
  2. TRPLXL2's Avatar
    Well I am glad that you got them on without getting hurt, hope you enjoy the hell out of them. It's one of those jobs that supposedly take 2 hours, and it ends up being 10 hours later!
  3. Springthing's Avatar
    Well, had I had the tools I needed from the start it would have been closer to 2 hrs that's for sure. The second side took us just over an hour.