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How much do you trust your friends?

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The question being, would you let your friend take your truck for 10 days on a 600 mile trek towing a boat?

I did this and was full of anxiety the whole time. He drove to lake george in upstate New York and left the truck parked at the dock while he camped on an island. Knowing that he was not even close to my truck made me uneasy. I trust him fully and know he would assume all responsibility but still My truck was out of my sight for too long.

All anxiety was washed away when he returned and the tank was full the truck was washed and he handed me $100. I didn't want to take it but he forced me. But as I drive my truck now every odd noise I hear and everything that doesn't feel right makes me think that maybe he didn't treat my baby too good. Maybe I am just a little too overprotective.


  1. TRPLXL2's Avatar
    I would never trust anybody with my truck, I have found that a lot of people have no respect for other people's stuff. Although I don't actually have any friends in real life, so I guess this wouldn't be a real problem for me.
  2. bry2500's Avatar
    Amy you have real friends here, and we have our own trucks so need to worry about us borrowing yours.
  3. tbplus10's Avatar
    I've got a friend at work that I lend my truck to quite often, he uses it to transport motorcycles around town mostly, but he's also used it to take bikes to St Louis MO. and New Mexico. Every time I get the truck back it's been cleaned inside and out, has a full tank of fuel, and if it's a long trip he'll change the oil after the trip.

    He takes real good care of his own vehicles so I dont worry about him driving mine, and he's never given me a reason to worry.
  4. Crawdaddy's Avatar
    The only people I trust my vehicles with is my parents and my uncle. My parents only get to drive my vehicles when absolutely neccesary (theirs broke down, etc). I let my uncle drive mine whenever he needs it, which is almost never, but I'd toss him the keys if he asked. For the most part he's willing to do likewise.