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Shifting gears

Technology is really Technofallogy

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Ok I am getting old and i feel surpassed by this tech thing,,, I can fix almost anything that has gears, oil, moving parts. The last few weeks has be crazy, a learning curve i never thought i would actually have to deal with at my age.. it all started about two weeks ago, when i wanted to post some pics on my favourite site, Now I know how to use the internet and I know that the information super Highway is on the inter net,,, I heard this.. But i must have turned left when i should have turned right, or zigged when i should have zagged... I am not sure ,, but i feel lost,

So any way we have this fancy Lazer printer here and it dose every thing prints , scans, faxes, copies, makes coulor pictures and i am sure it could open my beer for me if i could find that section in the manual... But thats one line.... so I scanned some old photos 35mil. of a project truck i have been working on for years now... well by the time i figured it out i was so frustrated I almost hit it with a ball pin hammer.

you know the old saying if it don't fit get a hammer and if it still don't fit get a bigger hammer, so i did ... but got stopped by the guys in the shop.. this young fellow that works form came into the office and in no time at all i had pics to post online,,, wooh what a relief .... he just got a USB Stick,, and i was good to go, i still don't know why the 10 cables , blue tooth and all the wi fi jazz this thing has I needed this stick thing... it doesn't even look like a stick, of any type, not a hockey stick, broom stick, or even something like what my dog mystic would play fetch with... but what the hell me being me i just went with it, not understanding what it was or really caring as long as i got to post my pics.... but i do know if i ever find this dude that invented a usb stick... I going to beat him with a good old stick from a tree,....

Now working on trucks and cars and machinery I have run into little black boxes that weigh ,, about 3 ounces they have four screws holding in a back plate and some wires hanging out,,, and once in a while these little modules will stop working, wich i understand,,, but they are very costly,,, so me being me and the little black boxes have them screws i figure what the hell i will just fix it how hard could it be,,, i know how to change a resistor on a circuit board and know how to use a soldering iron,, how hard could it be... so I open it up, well it was easy to see the problem right away some dumb ass filled the box with hot glue and the dam thing got to hot... but it can't be fixed... I figure the same dude that invented the USB stick made these boxes....well at least i know what I will do with that dude that invented the USB stick.... after i beat him with a real stick,, I am going to glue him into the little black box with hot glue and send him back to his manufacturer ....

Ok so now now I got this new mac pro laptop, and for a guy like me works wonders, it dose every thing,,, it even can beat me at chess...... well after a whole night of trying to post a video we made and wanted to post to the web site ... the pro mac and myself went toe to toe,,,, and yes it can beat me at chess but i can kick its ass at kick boxing.... and now i know........the down fall of us all will be technology,,, yes its like those old Kirby vacuums ,, you no the ones with the light on the front, so you can see what you sucking up when the power goes out......

Oh what it would be to live a dogs life
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