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Shifting gears

Truck CSI,,,, Nose Prints, DNA(dogs nasal accidents) & muddy paws

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So i did a little cleaning today vacuumed the carpets wiped down the leather seats and did the windows, inside and out, was looking perky sweet, when a bud rolls in the yard so a coffee break sounds like the right thing to do on a sunday, so we head into the shop coffee shop area and have a few coffees and chat for an hour or so.
Good time for a sunday, a little work, and rest a visits from a old friend, and a clean truck what more could one ask for?
I returned to the truck to finnish a few details and noticed i had left the back drivers door open, didn't really pay much more mind, finished the mirrors and gave the grill a wipe, and was satisfied it looked good enough for today,
so I put all the supplies away, had a little supper and waited for the sun to start to set, walked out front to move the truck for the night, away from the front of the shop door, hop in it turn on the keys and EEEEKKKK!!!! what the heck is that, how could i have missed that , it was like this huge smudgy thing on the front window????
wwwwait a minute, i never missed any thing, so i turned on the interior lights and my supisons are correct, with a very short investigation,
i had discovered several large nose prints, of the K9 type, a very distink drool trail and splatter pattern that has been replicated in the shop many times, and a set of large foot prints leading from the rear drivers side to the front passenger seat and like goldy lox there is a tell tail sign of some one having a nap after her morning run???? But i asked mystic if she had gone for a ride in the truck with out me, she looked back at me with the look in her eyes of???? what???? I am so cute!!!!!! and the gleam of prove it......

Ohhh what it would be to live a dogs life

Updated 03-26-2012 at 05:58 AM by Dirty Dog

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