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Shifting gears

Little Yellow car, Big dog, Bigger truck (A dogs life, A dogs truck)

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So I was in the city yesterday, had to pick up some parts and visits a few friends , i Was on the main drag in the city centre when this small yellow japanese sports car rolls up beside me, You know the type of car i am talking about , with the fancy un-understadable graffiti graphic package, a racen wale tail and a ground effects package. Which in my opinion is a waist of time and money here in our area of the country, as to the roads are 90% gravel grids and the 10% of black top are riddled with speed bumps and pot holes, but who said the youth of today had any common sense. the two very indescript dudes/dudetts in the little yellow car were laughing at my truck . Now am not a professional lip reader but unless their lips were quivering from the dance music that was emitting from the little yellow car, I could make out " why would any one drive a truck like that hahah" and some other things that were said but i did not understand as I am not up on the slang of the younger generation..
so as we sat at the light waiting for it to turn green I could hear this little yellow cars potato popper muffler revving up Pop tat tat tat Pop , well this got Mystics attention and she a woke from here nap on the back seat and looked through the tinted windows and gave up a small but discussed growl... the light turn Green at that moment and that little yellow car takes off as do I..... well Mystic reassured her footing on the back seat perked up a little more as her toe nails gripped the back seat and we were off, now its a short distance to the next light (which is an other post all together about the techs that designed the traffic light timing on this main drag) as we pulled up to this light there was the little yellow car beside me again,,, this time the two inside were more in a state of shock rather then mocking my truck. Now you could tell right away that this was not going to happen again, the driver was determined to kick the top kicks arse of the line at this light...... As the little yellow car revs up again i am guessing by the noises i heard from the potato popper that the only room left under the exhilarator was a few fibbers of floor mat... It wasn't a very heathy noise, nor did it sound like Mystic has moved to the front seat and is now visible through the passage window and staring down at this little yellow car..... so I thought i would give the top kick a little rev and boost of our own ,,,, thats when the light turned green ,, and the stacks smoked a definite puff of power the ass end slipped a little towards the little yellow car, the eyes of the driver bugged out as i was now looking at him in my side mirrors and he is losing ground, the allison turned out into the third gear and i was adding some distance to my already two car legit lead. That's when it happened it sounded like some one drove over a full can of beer,,, it was a very loud POP fizz, i looked in my rear-view mirror and could see this little yellow car in great distress and pulling of to the side of the road,,,, I did a around the block so i could take a second look... it wasn't good... there were this two young fellows( i think couldn't really tell the way they were dressed), sorta goth kids, they had the hood up and they were looking inside the engine compartment,, they had that look apon their faces , yep its the engine, yep its smoking yep we are watching it smoke, the one kid looks as if he is googling smokey engine on his smart phone and the other is mumbling something to the effect of my dad is going to kill me..... I stopped to offer some assistance as i do carry a couple fire extinguishers .... And mystic is hanging out the window checking out the ordeal....
the one kid on the phone looks at me and says we were trying to figure out why any one would drive a big truck like that, but now i see that big dog and understand the big truck... turns out the one kid had a brain, multi tasking (walking & talking) may still have been difficult for him but he did have a brain...... I am sure they popped the head gasket right out of that 4 banging aluminum block, or maybe the dance music that was still blaring a loud just cracked the engine ... not sure but i asked if they wanted a tow truck or any other help and the kid driving said nope its ok I called my Mom..........

I returned to my truck and Mystic returned to her back seat and we went along our way and continued our day......

On the way back to my shop about 20 mins from the city..... I had a little giggle about the little yellow car Vs the top kick
as Mystic continued her nap across the back seat ......

Ohh what it would be to live a dogs life........

Updated 03-28-2012 at 11:57 AM by Dirty Dog

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  1. Sierraowner5.3's Avatar
    I love it. doing that to those kind of people in a big truck just makes my day.