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Caught up with 2 Years Worth of Projects

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Well, I finally caught up with 2 years worth of projects that I have been meaning to get done, but needed another person to help me complete them. I changed my front brakes, greased the front bearings, replaced the hood release cable, and replaced the heater core on Saturday. I still need to replace my brake hoses because they are rotting out and my ball joints. Then I'm on to a front end rebuild and hopefully swapping the entire drivetrain and suspension out with 3/4 ton parts and possibly moving up to 4 wheel drive.

I have been investigating the 3/4 ton upgrade some recently and I've found out some interesting things. First, my entire K member assembly just bolts onto the frame, so swapping out to a 3/4 ton front end should be relatively simple: unbolt the old one and wheel it out, and wheel the new one in and bolt it in. The rear end is getting upgraded to 3/4 ton by replacing the leafs with new 1/2 ton leafs, adding in air ride air bags to help offset the weight, and swapping out to a 14 bolt axle.

Well, I'm getting tired of typing at the moment, so I'll save the rest for a blog post later...


  1. unplugged's Avatar
    That's great! Think about posting a few pics.

    I think the move to 3/4T is a good idea. I'm leaning more towards selling the burb and buying a 3/4T crew cab with a full size bed.
  2. Crawdaddy's Avatar
    I'd post pics, but 90% of the work that I did isn't visible from anywhere. I would have needed to taken them while I was doing the work....and I didn't.

    The upgrade to 3/4 ton has been a difficult one. I'm still trying to nail down numbers like GCVW for the suburban, but I think I technically don't need to move up to 3/4 ton. Hard part is going to be finding a complete parts truck in 3/4 ton that I can rob parts off of...
  3. tbplus10's Avatar
    Christopher are you sure the 3/4 ton K member will bolt in place? I seem to remember something different about the frames between the 3/4 and 1/2. The 1/2 frame isnt as stout as the 3/4 and the dimensions might be off just enough to make bolting the K member up problematic. You cant widen out any bolt holes because they have to bolt right on or the K member alignment with the frame could be off and screw up front end alignment.
    I still think your best bet with this project is to find a 3/4 4X4 and use the frame and axles, if your gonna find a parts truck your already halfway there.
    One nice thing about solid axle 4x4's is if you arent ready to put in the 4X4 trans and T-case you can still run the truck as a 2X4 with the front axle in place.

    Come on over to Texas and you'll find a bunch of rust-free parts trucks at decent prices for you project.
  4. Crawdaddy's Avatar
    Don't tempt me Tim, I just might... Just gotta get over the fear of going to Tx after the last time when I got stranded. That and find a trailer to tow it back with.