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Shifting gears

If Dogs could talk , would we listen........

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I know that I talk to my Trucks, Tractors and Dog, and in a away I let them talk to me, When I am in a loader shaping a new Green space, if you were in the cab you would hear me urging my loader to push a little more go a little deeper and get out of this spot before you get stuck... I find it funny as well that I listen to the vroom of the turbo, the sound of power from the engine, the groans from the drive train as it pushes through the dirt..... so in a way My equipment talks to me if i am willing to listen...

I have always wondered what My dogs would say if they talked Human, instead of Doglish.... I know Mystic talks to me she scratches at the door to go out side, she smiles and slobbers when she says hello,, she barks when a truck comes down the road that she doesn't recognize, and growls when the cat eats from her food dish... But what would she say if she could talk english, what stories would she tell, what secrets dose she hold, .... I watch her watch TV and it looks like she understands, I watch her listen to me and she acts like she understands... But what would it be like if she could talk to me in english,,, would they be like real conversations, would there be discussions of world affairs, would she bitch about the the same food every day, or the need for more milk bones? I have always wondered.....
I have notice other people that talk to Mystic, and their pets they talk to them like they are babies, or something other then humans,,, you ever wonder if your dog looks at you when you talk to them like this and thinks for Christ sakes i am 10 years old thats 70 years old in your years,,, Quit talking to me like am 2 years old.... and Give me a dam Milk bone

Oh what it would be to live a dogs life.......

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  1. black98noma's Avatar
    i too talk to my trucks.. i also work on older than dirt helicopters for the navy (MH-53E) and those also get a good tongue lashing when they are not behaving and praise when they do well.. im glad im not the only one who does this!! ps ive read a couple pages of your blogs and i must say im a fan! i really identify with your outlook on life!!