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Shifting gears

A dogs Life A Dogs Truck (final post)

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I guess there comes,,, that One Moment in time, when one comes to the realization that everything must end, it seems sad, but this is a necessary event, a logical progression of life and time.

As a day ends at 11:59.59 pm, a new day begins, when the world makes a complete revolution around the sun, it starts again, when a friendship fades from our daily life, there will be space for an other friend, When a loved one passes into a better place, a new one will enter this world with grace,
THis is just the way it works, in all our life's.
I suppose you can deny it, hide from it, even face it straight on, but it is just the way it works!!! no matter how it feels or looks.

So I had some fun here on GMTC, with writing this blog, and I hope the few that followed it had some fun too. It was never about popularity or being posh, or the winning of some contest or a loss, I just wanted to play, play with words and have some fun, You know, like when Mystic the dog chases A Bird.....
But now, I feel this blog has run it's course, and it's time to sign off.

I came to this site looking for some folks that were into Topkicks, and found all of you instead, not a bad consolation prize, from my point of view. See we are all just different people from places far and wide, we all live our lives, in the way we do, and this will always be the same for me and you.
This I understand.....This I respect.......

Now if some would have their way,, everything would remain the same, life would become so meaningless, I dare to say, I would not be able to find the words, to Write this goodbye. So to all those haters and fakers with nothing better to do, let me share the most important things I know, before we fade from view,,

If You live in the past, Your living in a place that dose not exist,
If you day dream of tomorrow, you will be a dreamer for all todays to come...
If you are so worried about those around you, you may forget about yourself,
If you forget about yourself how will you care for those that need you to care.
See Today is all we all have, this we must all accept
Yes Today is Life's greatest gift .....

Jealousy and contempt are this worlds greatest foes,
This my friends is what I know......

I consider Knowledge to be the most powerful tool,
Yet the gift of knowledge, is only a gift, for those whom accept it.

I consider Humour to be the release, for our troubled soles,
Yet only for those that have the strength to smile.
ANd be assured my friends
That those smiles have the strength to light up this world.....

This is what I know...........
This my farewell blog,, my gift to you.....

ohh!! what it would be to live a dogs life.......

Mystic thanks you for the Milk Bones,,,,,
And I thank you for your smiles
Peace out
and I will see you in the forums........


  1. mfleetwood's Avatar
    Thanks DD for sharing all of your thoughts and daily experiences. I've enjoyed reading your blogs and hope that the word "final" translates into "short break"......I'll be checking.
  2. Dirty Dog's Avatar
    Thanks to all that followed a dogs life , a dogs truck..... it was fun to write,,,, since this a pg13 site was hard sometimes,,, i tend to talk a lot like a canadian all politely swearing all the time and such.....

    Peace out check out SHIFTING GEARS