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Shifting gears

My first post second

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Ok you all know I like randomly spewing random things, Random thoughts about Random stuff,
I Usually Rambling on and get caught not watching the Tac, I can get off topic rather quickly and miss a shift, I always seem to eventually find the gear i am looking for, and regain my traction and speed.

So this New Blog will hopefully sooth the saddened soles that Found My last blog an annoyance, I find it rather unbelievable, that some off topic randomness would have this effect on anyone, but apparently it dose.
So I have decided to bring this new Blog a little more on topic, It may not have as much humour or Mystic in it, but then again it might. It may be a little harsher, and have hidden meanings, for certain folks.
The information found here on GMTC, will be my source of material.
But all in all, it will be just a blog.

Now for as much as I respect every bodies right to have an opinion, this doesn't mean I have to like it or agree. I will expect the same from those that choose to read this, yes it is a choice, so don't bitch and gripe over my opinion when it was your choice to read it….

So that being said. Lets talk about ON TOPIC for this site, I see many people, like minded people chatting and sharing information, mostly on GMC and Chevy, brands of trucks, and all the different models taboot, This I find absolutely amazing, and unique from other forums.

Yes folks this is not my first lap around the internet, or being lost on the information hi-way.
Nor is it my first efforts to writing, Blogs, articles, reviews, newsletters, etc. So if you feel the need to worry or fret of my antics and goings on…
Just check out this site a little closer, some of the folks with the most posts, or the posts with the most and such important opinions and strongest views, spend most of their time in contests, giveaways and games..
As I scratch my head and wonder why, now don't get me wrong, that is their preference, on how to enjoy this site, and I respect this.

I have noticed as the night wheres on, the posts in these threads get carried away, as they scotch their heads and try to type…

To Each his own I say, and, who am I to Judge, anyway, absolutely no one, so I choose not to judge at all, as , I have no power over anything, anything at all… Thus the only judgements i am qualified to make,,are about nothing at all.

I pay very little mind to anyone that feels they are qualified to judge me, as I am a firm believer that judgments are for the masses, and history has repeatedly proven that the masses to be wrong,
So that is why, I have worked, so hard all my life to non conform ……..

So I say to you all Shift Gears, Smile more, laugh louder, respect everyone, everything, as if they were your personal possession , and if you can't and if you don't respect yourself, your environment, your friends and family, your life as it is now,,,,,then you need to Shift gears…..

IN This life…. believe nothing of what you hear…..
IN This world….believe only half of what you see….
IN This universe….Believe all of what you know……

Friendships are learned, Respect is Earned, and Love is Grown
Peace Out
The Dirty Dog