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Shifting gears


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A young boy moves to a prairie town, from the farm, when he was around 16, now this boy was mature from growing up on the farm , but still very Nieves,,, he had never kissed a girl, maybe thought about it as he fooled around in the hay stack, but was to shy to say,,, but he wanted very badly to have a girl friend, and he had one particular Dolly in mind.
He didn't know quite how to handle this as he was still a virgin, and thought this would affect him
as he set his dreams to high.
so he sought help on these matters from the powers that be, he asked the pastor,,,
about the birds and the bees……

Well the pastor was more then pleased to help, as he took a quarter from his change pouch, he said my son this question of life is easy, just take this quarter and put it in your front right pocket, and as you walk, everywhere you walk you must throw the right hip forward, with every second step,,,,,,,and then my son the answers will be yours….. its just a walk in the park………

So the boy he place this quarter in is right from pocket and starts leave, it felt kind of funny walking, and he found himself a little surreal…but he continued on his way…. Quarter right, step, quarter right, step

A few weeks later that young boy returns to the pastor and says,I have done this now, but I still don't know the answer,,,,
hmmm the pastor hangs his head, with his very serious reply, well my son there is only one thing to do, the pastor takes an other quarter from his pouch, and say's place this quarter in you back left pocket,
and when you walk every other step you must thrust your butt backwards, the boy looked at the pastor, and said but how will I be able to do this, the paster scratch his brow and replays, each step you make you must remind yourself of your quarters in your front and rear, the boy leaves the pastors place ,walking rather awkwardly, chatting quarter right ,step , quarter back ,step quarter right, step…
in unison of his front hip forward and left butt back,
Well the towns people were all starting to notice this young man, with a look of surprise...

A few more weeks passes the boy walks his daily route the towns people all wonder, some even with doubt,,, but the boy is still Nieves, and has no idea of what to do if his big chance arrives,,,

He see's the pastor one morning well walking to school, he stops the pastor and say's, I still no nothing am I just a fool, the pastor just gave him another quarter and said boy you will know what to do, place that quarter in your front left pocket and add a skip to your step…..
come and see me on friday by the spring dance you will be equipped, so the boy added the quarter to his step, he found he had to talk out loud now, to keep up to the step, so he would walk endlessly, for the answers he so desired, it sounded some thing like this…. quarter right, quarter left ,quarter back, quarter right,quarter left, quarter back …… quarter right, quarter left ,quarter back, quarter right,quarter left, quarter back …… every where he went

Now Fridays arrived, and the dance is on Saturday night, the boy is very exited, the towns people very OHHH MY!!!!! as they cross to the other side of the street when the boy walks by, Quarter Right, Quarter left, Quarter back, Quarter right ,Quarter left Quarter back .. the boy is rather good at this, and its no easy task, you just stand up right now and try…….

As he walks his way to the pastors house, this young lady catches his eye, she seems to be watching him, and maybe even for some time…. As he quarter right , quarter left, quarter back
AS he makes his way closer, she steps from her porch, and say's hey Timmy, how are you today,
well the boy fropoze, in quarter left, and stuttered a hi… she quickly asked him to the spring dance, before he had a chance to reply , he had the date,
Ohhh this can't be real his mind it raced,,, for this is the girl of his dreams you know the one he ……….

After his recovery from what he can't believe,,, he rushes to the pastors house ,,,
the pastor calms him down and assures him its all right,,, just place this silver dollar in your right rear pocket, and everything will be set for Satuday night,,,,
the boy leaves the pastors house quarter right, quarter back quarter,left, silver dollar, quarter right quarter back quarter left silver dollar…….
all they way home,and walks this new rhythm home,,and all day on saturday ,he practices,

if you would have seen this boy walking and talking not a chance in hell would you think he could get ever get laid, But come that dance on saturday night , let me say,,,
his little Dolly Sally, took him a side, and kissed him on the steps of town hall and off they went to find their time ,,,,,
it started rather awkwardly and then the boy recalled his first conversation with the pastor, its a walk in the park my son just put this quarter in your right front pocket and all you need to know will be done….. as the boy remembers you can hear this softly with a moan quarter right quarter back, quarter left , silver dollar, a little faster each time ,quarter right quarter back, quarter left , silver dollar,,,
then it dawned on the BOY,,,



I got a card in the mail, just the other day, it was from Timmy and his Bride,
an invitation, to attend,,, as they will be celebrating their 30th anniversary.
I will never forget that day, that day my friend Timmy, married the Pastors wife.

Shifting Gears

Friendships are learned, Respect is Earned, and Love is Grown
Peace Out
The Dirty Dog

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