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Shifting gears

The Down Shift

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The Down Shift
So for years now, I have know, my hobby has been watching people, whats even better then that is watching people with their trucks. Some lift them , some lower them, and every one drives them, or wishes they did. Some wax and polish them some drive them in the mud, just to get stuck. Some trucks play, some trucks work , some trucks, look to good to work, some are loaded to excess and some never see the rain….
Its funny with all the trucks, they are sorta like the folks that drive them, all different yet all the same,,,
Obama drives a truck(a Topkick to be exact), its hard wired for his blackberry, and dressed up like a Cadilac, it's all bomb safe and bullet proofed, but like the dirty dog its just a truck.You see, just like me and you even Obama, we are all the same, just a person, a people, a being. So with knowing this, it's a for sure all old trucks get rust, and tire wares out, paint it fades, dashes crack, you can't avoid, a few battle scars, and pitted chrome, they are still trucks, much like the people that drive them.
So if you ever think you have had enough, gone to far, or just wore out, remember , on thing, That old faithful truck.
If you ever feel like you have surpassed the rest, and done it all, that you have nothing to learn and no time to share, if you ever think your better then some, its time to down shift, and remember your truck,
And don't forget Obama drives one……..

Shifting Gears

Friendships are learned, Respect is Earned, and Love is Grown
Peace Out
The Dirty Doo

Updated 05-09-2012 at 11:28 PM by Dirty Dog