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Shifting gears

Ewww!!!! Bug juice

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Well we were coming home from the lake today, one of the first nice days of this upcoming summer, the sun was out and there was actually some warmth radiating from it as well.
The folks al around the lake were appropriately dressed, shorts tank tops, halter and bikinis, it had the smell of sun screen and bug repellant drifting on the saskatchewan breeze.
All in all it was a great weekend for all, except the ride home. As along with summer comes the bugs, bugs that fly, crawl, swim, and bite. they don't really bother me wether they be big or small, they can have six or eight legs, wings and all of them come out now, well of course its spring... This it was bugs do....
So on the way home it was incredible as we wound through the country roads from the lake to home, the bugs were thick in swarms , they would hit the windscreen at 65.4. at terminal velocity SPLATT !!!! Eww! dam I hit forty more, it was so thick, this carnage of bug juice, I would try to use the wipers they just smudged it through they're path. It was disgusting and gross, with remnants of bugs, smudged guts , juice and wiper fluid.....

As the sun set and the head lights came on, it seemed to get worse, the bugs were flying into me now, hundreds at a time, they looked like they were fling in slow motion, as the splat!!! in front of my dash.... my head lights look dimmer as this bug juice blocked them out.....It was like a bad rain storm, plastering me with bug guts and juice.......

I was just thinking to myself, what goes through these bugs minds as they fly to there death....
And tomorrow when I have to pick the bug parts from my front grill.
I will have solace in knowing ,,
when it this bug decided to hit my truck at 65mph...
the last thing that went through this bugs head,
Was his ASS!!!!!!


Friendships are learned, Respect is Earned, and Love is Grown
Peace Out
The Dirty Dog

Updated 05-13-2012 at 09:06 PM by Dirty Dog