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Shifting gears

It's Been a while....... Stuck in Park

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Hey every one thanks for stopping in, sorry I have neglected shifting gears blog for a few weeks, it was not my intention or for that fact even something i thought would happen, but as we all know real life steps up once in a while and eats up our free time. I actually enjoy writing this blog, and have a lot of fun with it, And hope the followers and readers have a little fun as well......

I was feeling under the weather, well real chitty to tell the truth....
I remember when i was younger I could fight off these days of illness way quicker then i do now... and along with trying to keep up to the real life days any free time i had was spent sleeping and resting, I tried to write a little but i had the attention span of a knat, and my eyes hurt when i stared at the comp screen, or read anything for over 10 mins..... I am feeling better though, I have a little more energy, and my sleep pattern has returned to some what normal for me.. i only really sleep maybe 4 or 5 hours a day, for the most part, with a day every two weeks or so when i will power nap the day away. I am still taking my real life at a slower pace then normal, but at least i got it out of park, i seemed to be stuck there for sometime.....

I have been busy in real life, something i find most disturbing that when you are feeling down and out, and just want to stop the world and get off for a few hours, is when life seems to be the busiest, but thats what it is so i guess there is no need to wimp or whine about it, it just don't help...

I do have a new project i have started, and although it has nothing to do with GMTC or trucks, i do use the dirty dog and trailer to get to the trails and tracks. I have started building an other off road racer, I have done this before with a truck, this time i will be building a UTV, I am starting with a 2012 Polaris RZR 800 LE, right out of the crate, as the parts start coming in we will be going throughout the break in period 25 hours, putting it throughout the paces... so far its held its own, ohh yeah I rolled it the first day, while i was out test driving it...lmao... it didn't hurt much, and only some cosmetic scrapes on the unit itself, but my pride was a little sore.... It turns out the reason for the roll was I didn't have the brakes broken in, and they grabbed on a sliding stop, and dumped my dumb ass on the side.....

Other then that its terribly fast and handles well, in the mud, and off road, I am finding it a little hard to handle due to my weight, it tends to fly higher and farther then it should with me behind the wheel... Maybe i will have to hide some weights under my seat, the parts will start Arriving this month, and as soon as the warranty is up we will be bumping the the horse power with some fine parts and mods from TRINTY RACING,, then i am not sure how much weight i may need to add, to keep it on the ground.....

Again thanks for stopping into Shifting Gears, and remember when your stuck in park, just sit back and listen to a good tune on the radio.

Friendships are learned, Respect is Earned, and Love is Grown
Peace Out
The Dirty Dog


  1. mfleetwood's Avatar
    Glad you're okay from the roll and glad you're feeling better. Good to see your blog again!