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2002 Trailblazer Refresh Project

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Ok, my 2002 Trailblazer is starting to get some miles on it and is showing some age. Here is a list of what I need to do to it over the next two months.

Brakes. These are about to go out on me, so I will get them done and I will try to get some higher performance pads put on there and will have the rotors turned.

100k Service. It's time to get a tune-up and a 100k service. Not sure if I will get everything flushed, but I might just go ahead and get that done as I like the beast and she's treated me well. Oil/filter/lube is for sure, plus plugs and maybe wires. Coolant flush is on the docket and I will more than likely get the tranny flush as well. Tires will be rotated and re-balanced if need be.

Trim pieces. I need to get some of the trim pieces fixed on the doors and I need a new latch for my center console. That should be pretty easy to do.

Mini-detail. I need to get the carpet all cleaned out. Get the windows really cleaned and all of the junk out from the gaskets. I need to re-set the gaskets around the rear-doors as they are loose and coming off a bit.

Stereo and DVD system. I think I will get a drop-down DVD system installed (aftermarket) and have it wired to the stereo AUX so we can listen to a movie going down the road. The hand-held works pretty good, but we've taken some trips where it's just fun to listen to movie along with the kids in the back.

That's about it. I should be able to get to most of this in the next 90 days and I'll try to keep everyone updated on the progress.


  1. TRPLXL2's Avatar
    Hey Steve those aren't your original brakes are they? I have always put ceramic pads on my vehicles and love them versus the semi-metallic pads. The EBC green stuff pads are the one's I use, and I love those things and they have no brake dust either.

    I just did a whole tune up on my S-10, and I was amazed at how much a difference it made at 54,000 miles. I got the plugs, plug wires, rotor and cap, and fuel filter done and it was $450 with labor which I didn't think was too bad.

    Good luck with your truck, can't wait to see how it turns out for you.