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Shifting gears

Break neck speeds off road........

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Hey every one, Hope all is well in your world, and you and your family's are healthy and Happy.
All is good here, time seems to be going faster then I would like, we are already into the heat of the summer here, and not much time to play, to busy working. But that is the mode of operation here, work your ass off all summer and rest and recover in the winter.

My new project the RZR is coming along nicely, if time allows we should have it out of the shop this week for another round of test driving, we have relocated the rad from front to the back, snorkelled it to a water depth of 42 inches, put a body armour and frame gusset kit in to give it some weight and strength on the ruff landings. We also added 5 point racing harnesses as the four point H harnesses seem to let you slide out the bottom well in extreme off road conditions. We also have and are still working on the roll cage mods, I found the stock one was just enough to handle the stock speed in a roll over(wreck). But some extra support is needed at the new speeds we have obtained..... We now have the ability to get close to 70 mph over open ground, and although we have not pushed it to its limits as of yet, we have taken it to 50 mph over our test track.

I built this track with specifically testing and practicing driving this RZR, it has two bank turns, one 15 degres the other 20 degrees, a mogul section of about 250 ft, three jumps several inside and outside corners, a mud tub, a bog run(mud flat, 100 ft), and several open stretches of loose cultivated dirt....
It fits a truck as well although the dirty dog dose not like the sharp corners that well, lmao.....

The other day an old friend was out to see me, haven't seen him for a few years, he was just shaken his head at me, when he saw this latest project, he asked me quite seriously if i had a death wish, and asked when I was going to grow up.......... My reply was simple and quick.... When i meet my maker......

Break neck speeds, off road, open country, catching air, landing on all fours, dirt , mud, dust.. = BIG GRIN


Friendships are learned, Respect is Earned, and Love is Grown
Peace Out
The Dirty Dog