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The Rise of Black Betty!

Diablew Tuning III (The Final Chapter)

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Whew, talk about another hiatus! I've FINALLY finished the install and refining of my my DiabLew tune for my Sierra. We originally used the the 87 Octane tune as a starting point, FYI. After finishing the steady driving portion of my logging, the next step (after a final revision to the tune program) was to actually perform a WOT (Wide Open Throttle) log. Pretty much go out somewhere relatively safe, whomp on the accelerator, and hold down the hammer through as many gears as ya can. I have to say as fun as it was, I ended up only going through 5 of the six gears. Even then I was already doin about 100MPH and was about 3/4 of the way of shifting to the last gear. Needless to say, I was enough and quite exhilarating! Lew was able to check the log and lemme know that all was well with the current tune, and no refinement was needed. I've been very happy with the tune to date! Sadly, Vegas gets very hot and I've noticed a loss of power when the temperature climbs above 100F (of course who's vehicle doesn't?). In the the afternoon's and mornings however, I get back that lost power and as others have said it's like a brand new truck! Much faster off the line, I have power just waiting to be let loose when I hit the accelerator, and the new shift points are a big improvement! As far as fuel efficiency? Well I can't really keep my foot off the gas so I'm only seeing 14-15MPG as of right now, but I didn't buy the truck and upgrade as much as I did to drive it's a TRUCK! I have noticed that the custom tune also disabled the VVT mode (the reduction to only 4 cylinders while cruising). Besides, I could always install Diablo's Eco tune for a long trip. Now the only thing I have to remember is to flash the computer back to stock whenever I take the truck in for service!
As of now Black Betty has finally reached a point where I'm happy with her, she's modded to a point I can live with for now. As soon as financially possible, I plan on upgrading my CAI with a Powercore filter from Volant. I'm also toying with the idea of performance rocker arms in the future, as well as a new paint job some years from now (black's pretty, but not exactly the best color in the desert!). Thanks for following the Rise of Black Betty!



  1. Sierraowner5.3's Avatar
    sounds good man.

    im hoping to get the same done to my truck as well.