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Had a blowout yesterday morning

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Yesterday, on my way to work, I had a blowout on my Saturn. I was doing 70mph in the middle lane on my way to work, when it sounded like I hit something. I do not remember seeing anything in my lane to hit, but the noise was evident, and I thought I saw a chunk of something in my rear view mirror. However, everything seemed to still be going fine in my car, so I continued to drive along. A few miles later, my car seemed to be pulling to the right, like my alignment was really out, but I ignored it. A couple miles after that, the rear passenger tire blew out. Compared to what people normally think of a blowout, I didn't lose control of the car or anything. The rear of the car just sort of sank a little. I was able to make a controlled stop on the side of the road. The tread was completely gone, nonexistant. All I had left of the tire were the sidewalls, which seemed to be still in good condition. I swapped to my doughnut spare and finished my drive to work. I was able to get a used tire mounted on the rim when I got home from work.

As all my tires are nearing the wear-marks, I'm going to drop the cash on 4 new Michelin Hydro Edge tires. From what I can tell, they are the top-rated rain tire for my needs, which is rain, and LOTS of it. They are 90,000 mile rain tires with a really spiffy looking tread pattern that I hope will do excellent in the rain and last the remaining life of the car. They are going to cost me $115 each plus mounting and balancing.


  1. TRPLXL2's Avatar
    Wow they better be good tires for that price, I on;y paid $100 a piece for my BFGoodrich Ta/KO's on my S-10!! I have never had a blow out before, but that's good to know that the whole car won't go flying off the road.
  2. tbplus10's Avatar
    Sounds like the noise was tread separation, possibly the tread hitting something under the car.
    T.V. is real big on showing cars sliding all over the road when you loose a tire but in real life it rarely happens that way, most times the tire just slowly sinks and you feel funny handling, lots of people never even notice they have a flat until someone in another car points it out to them.
    My daughter has Michelin Hydros on her Grand Am, they do great in all weather, I dont know about the mileage claims though, hers are at 35k and look like they'll need replacing soon.
  3. tbplus10's Avatar
    [ame=""]YouTube- Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash - One Piece At A Time[/ame]

    One my favorite songs as a kid.
  4. Crawdaddy's Avatar
    I hear what you're saying about the price of the tires TRPLXL2, I bought my TA/KOs for $160 a piece for the Bronco. But, for a car that I drive every day on a 120 mile round-trip to work, I need tires and a car that I can depend on.

    Tim, the noise I first heard may have been the tread separation, but after the initial "THUNK" I heard that sounded like I hit something on the road with my front suspension, I didn't hear a peep out of the car until I heard the tire finally blow-out and drop down to the rim. I unfortunately hit a good bit of things with the front of my car because it's inevitable with the number of miles I drive and the area I drive in.

    And....glad you got the refrence...