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Springthing it's time to vent. Brakes on 1999 Suburban K2500. (Part 2)

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Friday morning I head up to the dealership. I have a few coffees in the waiting room and they come back, finally, with the fact that the ABS light is on because the front left (driver's) ABS sensor is out and needs to be changed out. But the whole assembly is one unit and needs to be changed out, along with the bearing thing..etc etc.

Until then, 'we can't bleed the brakes, the ABS system has to be full functional first'

They need to do both sides. $100 more than Shop2....nice..

Ok, thanks. I'll see what I can do.

So I go home, get on the internet...finally get what I need. I call them up, get two front wheel bearing assemblies with ABS sensor, the whole deal.

$102.00 each.
No shipping.
No tax.

Great! We'll start with that. I'll grab a manual, see how difficult it is or not to do that myself. If it's something that's looking complicated I'll bring it back to Shop2. They don't know 100% of what they're doing but they can do it at least.

I head up to O'Reilly, grab the only book that worked for my truck model/year (Haynes..Chilton didn't have one), get home.

No mention about how to change it. No swap, no work on it, no picture, no mention, no hints, tips, or tricks.


So it looks as though I'll be taking the truck up to Shop2 so Dumb&Dumber can swap out the assemblies as soon as UPS makes a stop at my house.

I guess I'll need to work on the calipers next....I need to get shopping. Again.


Anyway, so that's been my ordeal with all this crap so far. And I don't think I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel just yet. Once I get the bearings and ABS done I'll have to go through the same thing with the calipers. Then I'll have to go through the same thing with the proportioning valve/brake bleeding.

Not to mention I still need to swap out the 454 soon - and need to find someone that would be able to do that.

Venting! Just venting!!!

Keep on truckin'.....


  1. Crawdaddy's Avatar
    If it's the ABS sensor that needs to be replaced, that should be a fairly simple ordeal. One bolt and it slides out. If it's the tone ring thingy on the hub then yeah, the process is more involved, but cetainly something you should be able to handle.
  2. Crawdaddy's Avatar
    Well, that definitely is a more involved process, but it still appears that the whole unit bearing assembly just bolts to the knuckle. If I had to guess, I'd say this is just a 4-6 hour job going in with no knowledge of how to pull things apart.