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1st Synthetics

My Rocker Pods

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Well Pete sent me a PM and my Rocker Pods were going out the other day to receive their Lin-X coating. Finial assembly was going to be done today so I guess I have to plan a trip up into Canada to pick them up. I hope I can find time next week and drive up and get them. There seems to be a lot of interest in me getting the RP's on and posting some pictures. I believe this is due to my choice of getting them color matched RED to my truck.

For everyone that has interest in Ultimate Truck Gear's Rocker Pods and wants to see them in person give me a call if you are in driving distance of me in the Ann Arbor/ Detroit area. Once I have them installed you are more than welcome to see what they look like. Also watch for postings by me on where I'm doing shows at.


Well where to start. I left my house this morning just before 7AM to drive up and see Pete and the gang at Ultimate Truck Gear to get my RP's installed. let me first say this, I have crossed the border into Canada at least 15 to 20 times in the past 10 years. So it wan now 8.25Am or so and I pay the toll to cross the BlueWater bridge. When I get to immigration on the Canadian side the lady in the booth just hammers me with questions and then tells me to pull up by the offfice and go inside. There I sit and wait for 20 or so minutes untill it was my turn. Then here is one more lady that just treats me like garbage and says you know you have a record. I say yes I have 2 DUI's from over 10 years ago what does that have to do with anything. She proceddes to tell me that I am not welcome in Canada and she could have me arrested and deported. I was utter astonishment over this. Like I said when I strted I have crossed the border many times and never had any problems. After like 45 more minutes of this lady drilling and telling me she could arrest me she gives me a form to sign that says I give up my rights to enter Canada and have to turn around and go back to the USA.
Now I drive back to the US border and I have to have my truck searched (routene procedure for being denied to CANADA) ans go inside immigration there also. The US people basically told me there should of been no problem with me crossing and that lady singled me out for some reason. They were good about the situation.
So now I had to call Pete and tell him that he needed to ship my RP"s that I could not cross over the border. The good guy that Pete is knowing that I can't wait to get them on my truck said he would try and send them out for me tomorrow. THANK YOU PETE! So an 1.5 hor trip to the bride and 2 hours tied up at the border then anothe 1.5 hous back home there went half of my day and just added alot of stess in between.

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  1. bry2500's Avatar
    That has got to be one of the suckiest days on record. But in the end you still got the rocker pods. So it turned out not to bad.
  2. Doberman's Avatar
    Sorry that it turned out like that Scott.....trying to get things organised for shipping today or tomorrow the latest, We"ll still need to figure out a way of getting together, was looking forward to meeting you. Had lunch all planned out...too bad the border agent showed you the worst in Canadian hospitality......Pete
    Updated 06-26-2009 at 08:17 PM by Doberman
  3. Springthing's Avatar
    I've crossed many times as well. If anything they've always been super-nice to get into Canada. Where is the BlueWater Bridge crossing? I normally always opt to go through in Ogdensburg. This next trip I will be taking soon I'll be going through Detroit - and I am NOT looking forward to that! I've heard too many of the negative border stories coming from that crossing. We'll see how it goes.
  4. 1st Synthetics's Avatar
    The Bluewater bridge is in Port Huron Michigan.