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Is it me or is the California state goverment stupid

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Sometime between April and Sept 1984 my 1984 Toyota 4Runner was stolen from the Longterm/Deployment parking lot aboard NAS Alameda in Alameda, Ca.
I didnt find out the vehicle was stolen until I returned home from deployment in Aug 1984.

When I returned home I recieved notice from the city of Sacramento that the vehicle had 19 outstanding parking tickets between May and Aug 1984.
The vehicle was impounded in Aug. for parking violations.
After filing a Stolen vehicle report with Alameda police and Navy NCIS I took copies of both reports along with my orders for deployment and went to the Sacramento impound yard.
Only to find they had released my vehicle (to me they said) 10 days earlier. Impossible I was in the middle of the Pacific ocean at that time, I had the deployment orders to prove it.
They told me I still had outstanding balances for the parking tickets that needed to be paid.
But as my luck was running since they had me available they felt it was best to arrest me for the outstanding balances and hold me until they were paid or I had served enough time to them work off.
4 days later I finally went before a judge, he was shown my orders and heard testimony from my Commanding officer, he then released me and struck the tickets from the record. Listing in the record the vehicle was stolen, the tickets were incurred while I did'nt have posession of the vehicle, and I was'nt to be held liable for them.
I was paid off by insurance for the vehicle and it was listed in Calif. DMV records as stolen/not recovered.

I left Ca. in 1991and never heard another word about the vehicle.

12 days ago I recieved a letter from Redding Ca. that my 1984 4Runner had been recovered and was being held in the impound.

I called and informed them they needed to contact DMV and the Ins. company as the vehicle had been stolen in 1984 and I was no longer the owner.

4 days ago I recieved a letter from California DMV stating I owed $36,763.27 for vehicle parking fines, late registration, impound fees, and penaltie and interest incurred between May 1984 and June 2008 on my 1984 Toyota 4 Runner. There were also two bench warrants out for my arrest for two separate hit and run accidents committed by the vehicle in 1989 and 1994.

To say I was a little shocked and angry would be stretching the truth.
After faxing every piece of information I could find to the Ca. DMV proving I wasnt in Ca. during the time frame these acts were committed and information showing the vehicle had been listed stolen/not recovered in 1984 the Court clerk informed me I should come back to Ca. turn myself in and let the court decide. Yea that'll happen.

Yesterday my lawyer called to tell me the court is thinking of possibly dropping the charges if I agree to pay the fee's and fines. I'm sure you could guess my response.
Today Texas sent me notice my Texas DL is revoked because I have outstanding charges and fines from the state of Ca. Now I gotta go deal with DPS on Monday.

I'm trying to figure out who I pissed off that has this kind of power.


  1. asstda2b's Avatar
    I would tell them to politely f*&^ off. Fight it. don't give up and let them win. it is going to take time, but you show them everything and make them prove their case.
  2. Crawdaddy's Avatar
    I hope you can get this sorted out very soon, considering your job requires you to drive. This is complete BS that they're trying to slap on you. IMHO you did everything right to prove that the truck isn't yours, it was stolen, you could not have had anything to do with it. There should be no doubt in a judge's mind that you are perfectly innocent about everything except for being a victim. I hope you pull through this well and quickly.
  3. tbplus10's Avatar
    Went to Texas DPS this morning to straighten things out with them, they took action right away. As soon as I layed my case out and showed them the paperwork I had they introduced me to the DFW area DPS Supervisor. He listened to my story, looked at all the court, insurance, and deployment documents I had then got on the phone to Austin, Tx. within an hour he gave me a letter from the DPS reinstating my Texas DL and fired off a letter to the state of California on my behalf stating Texas had no interest in the case and would be glad to submit supporting documentation they felt would help California reach a correct decision in this situation.
    After getting home I called my lawyer in Ca. to let him know how things went on this end. He told me the court informed him that Texas DPS had offered to arrest and hold me for the Ca. authorities, but they felt I might turn myself in soon so they declined the offer.
    The funniest part about this is the only arrestable charges are the two hit and runs, the statue of limitations on them ran out 6 years ago. Yea I'm gonna stick it out, were requesting the state of California pay any legal fee's from this.
  4. tbplus10's Avatar
    Friday California decided I probably wasnt responsible for this vehicle. Right about the same time they revealed the fact that when they impounded the vehicle they actually caught someone driving it. He was being held on traffic violations until they let him go on OR.
    My lawyer has applied to a state fund for recompensation of fee's so I should have news next week if they pay out.
  5. tbplus10's Avatar
    After reading todays news I now know why California isnt messing with me, they're to busy chasing down all the criminals using items with trans fats in them. A branch of the goverment is now deciding what we eat. I hope the idiots thinking up these new laws in Ca. stay there and dont travel to Tx.
  6. Chevybabe_7's Avatar
    I don't understand how they (The Car Jacker) got all of these tickets without the officer knowing the vehicle was stolen...? You did report it stolen right? Also How can You be responsible for these tickets if you were not driving? Lastly, How could this person get away with driving it without reg. title. ect.
    Just wondering... I'm actually from wayyy up north so i don't exactly know all of the laws out there but as far as where i'm from that **** doesn't fly.
  7. tbplus10's Avatar
    The car was stolen and apparently driven around for the last twenty four years. I'm guessing with illegal plates/registration, it has Nv. plates on it now that are registered to the vehicle. I couldnt get the name of the registered owner, but I'm sure CHP has knocked on their door already. They discovered it was stolen when the VIN was checked at the impound lot, it had been impounded during a routine traffic stop, not sure why they impounded it.
    Parking tickets are issued to the vehicle not the driver, they have nothing to do with the actual driving of the vehicle, most drivers arent even in the vehicle when a parking ticket is issued. But the vehicle owner is resonsible for tickets issued to a vehicle registered to them. The parking tickets in question were issued before I had reported the vehicle stolen, the vehicle was in longterm parking while I was deployed to Southwest Asia, I didnt find out it was stolen off the base until I returned 6 months later.
    CHP had on record that I had recovered the vehicle because it was picked up from the impound lot in Sacramento by what they listed as "the owner". When I went to court in 84 they ruled I wasnt responsible for the vehicle after April 10th 1984 (the day I deployed), but evidently the court ruling and the vehicle disposition paperwork never caught up with each other over the years. Unfortunately in Ca. a lot of vehicle information prior to 1988 is still not in the computer system unless the vehicle has been registered for 3 consecutive years. Vehicles with registration older than 86 have to be entered into the system and research must be done by hand in the archives.

    The vehicle was recovered up north in your neck of the woods.
    As for as driving around without valid plates, reg, and title, I know a few people in Northern Ca. that have gotten away with it for years. My brother rides a motorcycle around Sacramento that hasnt been licensed in over 10 years. In the right (or wrong) circles its actually quite common.