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Why won't my mustang just work!?

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So for the past year I've been having trouble with the mustang. It kind of sucks because that's my gas saver. It's a v6 mustang so it's good on gas.

The car started to lurch. The car started to stutter. The car started to hesitate on the road.

So after a little bit I got to being able to get the nerve up to fix what I thought was the issue. Plugs and wires.

So I did my plugs, my wires and I sat in the car and went for a short drive and POOF! it works again!

woot woot!!!!

So I was kind of happy. Yet another thing I've fixed on my own.

Well, so one night over a month ago I hopped in the car and hit the road, small road trip just around, not all too far, but a few hours on the road to see the sights.

SO.....after a few hours, and a speeding ticket...yes, a speeding ticket...whatever!... it was getting a little late so I figured ok, joy ride is over. I head home, the car is fine. I'm happy. I'm back up and running.

The next day I get in and the car hardly goes anywhere. I tried to head to the gas station about two miles away and I can hardly get any speed. I put a little gas and it picks up speed slooooowwwlllyyy...but if there's an uphill, I'm unable to go up. If I press the gas down more than just a tiny bit I'm unable to go fast.

So after a few weeks I finally get calmed down again enough to work on the mustang.

I go and pick up a coil pack.

Put on the coil pack, hop in the car. WOOOOTTTT!!! We're back up and running again! And we're moving well...things are going great, almost as good as new. Well, an improvement over how it was just before, anyway.

So halfway home from going to the hardware store the car struggles...and hesitates....and the CEL starts flashing on me.

w. t. f??

So, thankfully, I've got an O'Reilly on the way home.

Stop in, hook up the code reader they have and I get a misfire on cylinder three.

I start limping's about 15 miles or so. I notice that the car messes up for a minute or so...then seems to drive fine for a few seconds...then messes up again and barely has power and then fine for a few seconds.

So I'm not even sure what to do. I don't even know where to start.

Had it not been for the code I would have though "ok, I need a new fuel filter apparently" but now...I just don't know.

I guess I'll get the hood up yet again and see how the plug wire is doing, make sure it hasn't burned and isn't sparking or something.

I just don't know.

fun fun fun...

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