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Buyer Beware

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Hi All
This being my first blog I will keep it short and sweet.
Recently purchased a 2005 colorodo Z71 4x2 from a private seller.
In the process of buying the truck he became intrested in my 97 s-10 4x2 w/86,000 miles and a pile of repiar and maintenance receipts that I showed him.

The deal was made after we traded trucks for a day. during that day I took the 05 into to my mechanic who threw it on the lift went through it and gave me the 2 thumbs up.

a week later he calls me whining that he had a oil leak after driving it only 80 miles. turns out it was tranny fluid leaking from a gear connector. He suggested that I knew of this problem( I did not) and was trying to get the deal redone. After composing myself(FROM LAUGHTER) I asked him if he even looked under the truck when he had it for a day. NO was his answer he said he trusted what I told him about the truck and he did not expect to have any problems!!!

After another good laugh I told him I am not your dad but if I were I would Smack you upside your head!! The truck is 11 years old yes it has low miles but crap happens. Had you taken the truck to a shop and had it looked over like I did with yours you could have used that to negotiate a better deal or maybe not buy the truck.

It is buyer beware and I hid nothing and offered no warranty. I was just pissed that this guys ignorance makes him think that I owe him something.

Am I Wrong?


  1. tbplus10's Avatar
    People now days dont understand "Buyer beware" they want everything to come with a warranty and return policy. I wouldnt loose to much sleep over the issue, my dad always told me when you buy (or in this case trade) someone elses used vehicle your buying thier problems. You may have some as yet undiagnosed problems on your new truck, and if you do thier now yours thats the way it works.
  2. ChevyFan's Avatar
    Vehicles are machines, they break down. That's why their value goes down over time, more likley you'll have to spend more to keep her running.