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We're home!

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Well, our 2nd US road trip has come to an end. I'm sorry its all over but not even a bit sorry that I can now sleep in my own bed again. Not to mention my own shower. Whats up with some hotels having a shower that Mini Me could only enjoy. Do they have to mount the shower head 4 1/2 feet high? Anyway, heres how we spent the last of our trip.

In my last entry we were in a hotel in Santa Rosa, NM. We made our way to the Grand Canyon from there in a day. Stoped at the Petrified Forest NP. Pretty cool. Logs that have turned into rocks. Kept picking them up thinking it was wood. Got into Williams, AZ that night. We had a 4 day/3 night package booked on the Grand Canyon Railway. The next morning we traveled into the canyon via a 1906 deseil steam engine. Awasome!! Sat up in the dome car to.

Now before you guy start to think I'm showing off you should know that our 3rd wedding anv. was on the 27th of August. So it was kind of all about that.

Anyway, after we spent a few hours looking in amazement at the canyon, we made our way to our hotel. Next morning we hiked about 4 miles (return) down into the canyon. Left at 6 am gat back around 8:30 - 9. The batteries died in the camera halfway down. That sucked. Now if your looking to do the same hike, you should know that my calves and ass were sore for the next 3 days. And I hike from time to time. Very steep! As far as the view, there are no words I could put in here do justice to what we saw. You have to see it. Had a cool conversation with one of the guys that plays a cowboy for the tourists. He was a firefighter in Southern Cal for 24 yrs and drove a rig for 7 yrs after that. Now he spends his day making people smile and riding the train. Not a bad way to semi-retire wouldn't you say?

Returned back to Williams that afternoon and spent the next morning shopping around town. Wife picked up some nice jewelery as a anv. gift. We hit the road then heading for home. Now since there is this large hole in the middle of AZ. we choose to come up the east side. Right through the middle of SFA. But some of the most beautful country anywhere. This is the way I would say to go. Spent that night in a town in Utah that I can't even say the name of, let alone spell. Those guys love there ATV's and I can see why. I wanted to rent one so bad.

Spent the next day shoping in Salt Lake City. Got some great deals. Drove to Yellowstone and stayed just outside the park. From there to home the next day.

Way to short of a trip and to long all at the sametime. Heres the break down;

Drove - 9300 kms (5500 miles about)
Days driving - 10
Hotels slept in - 9
Fill ups - Lost count
Avg price - $3.65
Crap food consumed - Don't want to talk about it.
Total combined pounds gained - 15
Times I thought I was going to kick the crap out of somebody else while driving - just a couple

And just a few thoughts to sum- up:

- Do the things you really want to do but don't plan things to much. You'll see/ hear about cool things along the way that always seem to make the trip.

- Talk to as many locals as possiable. When you learn about the place, you can learn some thing that won't be in the giude books

- Everything really is bigger in Texas!

- Don't buy the first Route 66/ Grand Canyon/ Yellowstone etc... T-shirt that you see. There will be many, many more to look at.

- Fill up the car/ take a pee/ have a nap/ look at the map/ read the road and trail signs/ take a pic/ get some ice/ take a pee/ clean out the car/ change the batteries in the camera/ wash your underware/ pick up some cash/ say good morning to someone/ CHARGE your cell phone/ turn off your cell phone/ sit and watch/ take a pee, when ever you have the chance. YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY.

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  1. retired2001's Avatar
    Sounds like y'all had a good trip! I travel most of those roads when I go up to Oregon to see my daughter. It's always good to get home to your own "stuff" though.
  2. ChevyFan's Avatar
    I am 500% jealous, I really miss being out on the open road on a trip. Looks like you had a good time, hope you took tons for photos!
  3. zippy's Avatar
    Judging from your final line. You may now adopt my family's official travel motto. It has served us well:
    See a potty, use a potty.