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Making progress

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Well, I've made some progress on the Bronco over the past weekend. I got the A/C working on it and 3 of the 4 speakers wired up and working on a radio I installed.

The A/C system was completley empty. It took some work to get the A/C system to start pulling freon again, but I got it. I had to dump some freon on the high side (DO NOT DO THIS!!! IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING YOU WILL RISK PERSONAL INJURY OR DEATH) to kick-start it and push the pressure on hte low side up to 70PSI which is higher than it should be. I think it has a leak, so I put a can of stopleak/red dye in the system to see what happens. I had charged the system saturday and by sunday it appeared the freon was gone. I hope this took care of it.

The radio issue was vitually a ground-up operation. There was no radio in the truck when I bought it. There was definite signs that the previous owner or 2 ago had a fairly elaborate radio system. I had to re-run the rear speaker lines because they were too short. The owners that the previous owner ran under the carpet, which is no longer present. The only reason the 4th speaker isn't wired up and operational is I ran out of butt splices. Ordinarily I would solder all my connections, but because it's a non-critical system in the bronco, I decided to go the slightly bad route, but still acceptable. Looks like I may have to trim the dash bezel around the radio, but that shouldn't be a huge deal.

I also got some of the spark plug wires replaced, but not all. I stopped because I slit my thumb open pretty good on the exhaust manifold while pulling a plug wire off. I finished that wire and quit working on it..

Soon to come, 5 BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain TA/KM 31x10.50x15 tires. Oh, and an el-cheapo breaker bar to go with the thin-wall socket I have to use for the lug nuts. Oh, and a jack would be nice too.
Ford Bronco


  1. tbplus10's Avatar
    Did you get any farher on the Bronco?

    I finished last winters project finally, I'll post pics and details sometime next week. Nothing went right but the project turned out good.

    This winters project is gonna be a Rock Buggy that I'm limiting to a $3500 budget and whatever I can horse trade for.

    I traded a trashed Warrior ATV for a used ARCA car frame. Sourced axles from a 1975 Chevy Dump truck a friend asked me to haul to the scrap yard (salvaged the engine, trans, and T-case for later trading) the axles are Dana 60's front and rear with 6.52's, their at another friends shop being shortened, rebuilt, and having disc brakes added.
    I have Dual Marlin Crawler cases mounted together with a Marlin twin case adapter that came from a wrecked Toyota Land Cruiser that I traded to use on my Tacoma until I decided not to cut it up and leave it as is for now.

    Dont know what I'm gonna use for motivation or suspention yet.

    I'm thinking of air bags with a 4 link for suspension.

    Motivation I'm looking at a supercharged Toyota V-8 that I can get for cheap or a Yanmar Turbo Diesel Marine engine built to run Bio-Diesel/Propane that the owner wants to do some traing for.
    I'm also undecided on the trans, I've got a M-465 truck trans available and a freshly rebuilt M-22 that was for the wifes Chevell before she sold it or a Cat 16spd heavy equipment trans I can buy fairly cheap. Any of the trans choices will require a custom adaptor but I think the adaptor for the Cat trans may be too expensive so I'm not real serious about that choice.

    I started plating and strengthening the frame/cage already but cant do a lot more until I decide on the engine/trans combo and suspension.
  2. Crawdaddy's Avatar
    Well, I got the rest of the radio wired and installed. The A/C still blows cold although I still need to get a new blower resistor to get the blower running right and figure out why it just started blowing fuses. The timing needs to be adjusted and plugs gapped. Still want/need to get a new coil to throw a hotter spark to go with the gapping and timing. Carb needs to be adjusted, although I have NO clue how to adjust a carb (way too young, 22, I can't adjust a carb to save my life :( ).

    Yesterday I figured out why the truck fell flat on its face a week or so ago. The passenger hub looks to be trashed. When I engage both hubs and throw the transfer case in 4H, I can spin the front passenger tire, and hear it click and grind while watching the front shaft not move an inch.

    Today I stopped by autozone and finally found the herculiner I've been hearing about so much. It's a roll-on do-it-yourself bed liner material. It seems to be popular among Bronco owners for lining the interior floor of the cab. I still need to learn how to MIG weld and weld the few little dime-sized holes in the drivers floorboard.

    Oh, still gotta fix the windshield so it'll stop leaking. And tires... And front end parts (tie rods, ball joints, etc). The list goes on and on. However, once I get a few of the pretty major issues clear up, I can take it back out to the camp and try it again on the back-roads up there.

    I really wish I didn't live in the area I do, because wheeling doesn't seem to be very popular... for obvious reasons. There are no off-road parks around, or even major elevation changes. Can't really think of many mud holes either. However, there's a couple places around where 4wd comes in handy sometimes. I also plan to trailer it other places once I get it running good and a trailer.
  3. tbplus10's Avatar
    Google "carburators" I dont remember the name of it but theres a great book on how to adjust, repair, rebuild, and tune carbs. The guy has a website also with lots of good tips.
    Theres a few places that sell hub rebuild kits. I usually carry a rebuild kit in my tool box for trail fixes.
    Herculiner is good stuff. The key to a great job is lots of prep, cleaning, scuffing, and tapeing.
    I used the home rolled kit for the wifes Jeep tub on the inside and it did a great job. For exteriors I bought an old Binks spray gun at a yard sale, I reamed out the jets a few thousands larger and thin out the liner material a little it works great for spraying liners but you have to spray a few coats with tack time in between.
    You can use two appropriate sized washers and a small screw and nut to block the holes, I usually leave a few open so water can drain out after a wet run or when I clean out the interior.
    I'm lucky enough to live a short distance from a few small wheeling spots, the closest organized park is Barnwell Mountain (near Tyler Texas) which is 2 hours away. As a rule now days I trailer everytime I go Off road, I got tired of having to figure out how to get a wrecked or broken truck home. It sucks to have to drive 130 miles in a freshly rolled truck that wont go over 35 mph with out shaking pieces off.
  4. tbplus10's Avatar