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I can't believe I was that stupid...

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Well, yesterday I went and took a stupid risk. But first, a little backstory.... My driveway is technically supposed to only hold 2 cars, maybe 3. It's only a single vehicle wide. Well, we have 5 vehicles that live at the house, and 3 of them are mine. So, to make everything work, I park half on half off the driveway and lawn. My roommates park in the driveway, and my trucks live on the side of the house behind the driveway. So, if I want to drive the trucks, I either have to leave when noone else is home, or ask my roommates to move their vehicles. Back to the story.... Yesterday I wanted to get the Suburban out so I could go work on bulding the center console with my uncle. However, one of my roommates was home, but still sleeping. I looked at the gap whe left between the front porch and her truck and got the bright idea that I could get the suburban through there. I measured the hole and the width of the Suburban... a couple inches to spare. So, I went for it. I got 98% of the way through, and then I got stuck. The corner on the right side of the rear bumper was hung up on the post at the corner of the porch. I figured I was stuck anyway, and that I probably couldn't get the Suburban backed out of the hole easily, so I might as well drag it through. So I did. Well, I knocked both the front porch columns out of whack. I thought I hit my roommates truck in the process. Crud! Turns out, that scratch was already there, thank god. My other roommate and I had to get out there with a hammer and my floorjack to get the posts back into place. All in all it worked out, but I'm never going to try that ever again...


  1. tbplus10's Avatar
    I went to a home care account the other day to remove an expensive rental acute care rehabilitation bed, when we got there we had to use the back door because the previous renters had tried to back their U-haul up to the front door (it was still stuck on the porch when we arrived). They found out an 11' 6" tall box truck wont fit under a 9' tall porch overhang, and a wooden porch deck wont support an unloaded 25' U-haul. It took 3 wreckers to get the truck out of the porch. The landlord found it there 3 days after a neighbor had told him the renters had a truck parked on the porch. He never imagined it was literally parked on the porch. The renters meanwhile ran like thieves in the night.