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Just as starters.....

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Ok, for my first entry in this blog, I guess I'm going to just outline what's happened to my 1991 Suburban right up until this past Saturday (easter weekend)...

I'm running a 1991 Chevrolet Suburban 2WD 1500 with the Chevy 350 small-block and a TH700R4 transmission running to stock 3.08 gears in the rear-end. To the best of my knowledge, I am the 3rd owner of this truck. For the most part, it's still in the exact condition it's been in since it was built some 17 years ago. However, the paint's started to fade and crack, and the dash has one crack in the dash cover...That's about it for asthetic damage to the truck...oh, the headliner's sagging too. The seats are still in immaculate condition, with only the driver's seat showing any signs of wear due to use. The motor has never been opened up, and up until December of last year, the transmission never had any major work done to it that I know of. The rear air's been long capped off from the rest of the system, but give the truck a few extra minutes and it'll have everyone in the truck freezing their rears off. I have started to prime the truck in sections, until I decide exactly what color and how I want to paint it.

As I said earlier, the transmission has now had work done to it, or rather, it's been replaced completley. I burned the clutches and other related parts up in the transmission when I went on a long roadtrip to pick up a car, and I didn't realize 2 spark plug wires had burned through, dropping 2 cylinders. The extra strain caused the tranny to "buck and chuck" (clutches slipping and shifting) and cooked it to well done. So, I have a new tranny in hte bad-boy and it's back up and running.

To date, I've only done a few mods here and there to the truck. At first, I put on some "porch lights", or rear facing lights so that I could see when backing into my driveway at night. My next mod was to add some lights to the front of the truck for additional light. I then added an el-cheapo radio to give me some decent tunes. Then came a JL Audio 10W6 10" sub and a Clif Designs 1000.1 amplifier. The latest addition has been a Pioneer Premier DEH-P880PRS head unit with a Pioneer CD-IB100II iPod adapter to give me some GREAT tunes. Oh, and I've changed out my rear 4x10 speakers. Ok, enough of the history of this beast, and on to the future!

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  1. ChevyFan's Avatar
    Sounds great. Look forward to your continued progress on this rig. I know a bit about the history of it all, and I know how proud of it you are. Should last you for quite some time with all the hard work you put into it.
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