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Just got back from Singapore

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My company sent me on an unexpected buisiness trip to Singapore, 5 hours notice before the plane was due to leave. They offered first class and all expenses for my wife to accompany me (I suspect they thought she wouldnt be able to go since it was last minute). But we keep our passports ready and the wife always seems to have vacation days to use.

The only issue was we had promised to take the granddaughter trick or treating, but she was cool with us going away as long as we brought her home a surprise (we got her a bunch of T-shirts, and bamboo snake and lizard toys. 4 year olds are so easy to please)

We went to Singapore for 5 days, Thailand 4 days, Japan 3 days, and the Phillipeans 3 days. I've lived in or visited all these countries while I was in the Navy so it was a great chance to catch up with friends I havent seen for a while.

We spent Halloween in Singapore at the Hard Rock Cafe. The best Halloween party I've been to in years.
I took lots of pictures planning to post them, but I got a little drunk and accidently dropped my camera down some girls cleavage, while I was reaching around to find the camera the wife started smacking me around with a Banana tree branch and the girl ran off with my camera. Oh well, I've still got my mammories, uh I mean memories.

For anyone thats never been to Asia I highly recommend a visit. Visiting as a civilian was ten times better than any trip I took there while on active duty I could go to all the "Off Limits" places without having to look over my shoulder.

Unfortunately I have to take the same trip in December to modify some of the equipment I installed. I dont think I'll bring the wife next time, maybe I'll be able to find my camera and get it back.


  1. Crawdaddy's Avatar
    Sounds like you had a ball. Glad to have you back on the boards again. We missed you!
  2. tbplus10's Avatar
    My boss told me today I'll be leaving for Puerto Rico, Curaceo, and "undisclosed locations" in South America Friday afternoon to do site visits for equipment modification and sales pitches for new equipment. Which kinda sucks because I'm an equipment repair tech not a salesman.

    Supposed to be a 7 day trip.

    As much as I enjoy traveling outside the U.S. I'm begining to think company is taking advantage of my willingness to travel and my experience of traveling to these places before. Time to ask for more money, last time I asked they gave me an 8% commission on all sales I made. I think I need to shoot higher.
  3. retired2001's Avatar
    Sounds like a good trip! Travel while you can!
  4. tbplus10's Avatar
    Hola from Sunny Puerto Rico
    First stop today will be to get a new Digital camera
    Next on the agenda is a visit to the Rum Factory
    Then a late afternoon stroll on the beach around the castle
    And I'll finish the night off with a visit to the Black Angus social club

    Tomorrow I'm scheduled to go wreck diving in the am and off-shore fishing on the way back in. The water looks a little cloudy from the storm churning towards Cuba but I've been assured by tomorrow it should be clear and flat.
  5. Crawdaddy's Avatar
    Wow Tim, live a little for me too!
  6. tbplus10's Avatar
    Back from South America, another great trip. My boss (4 supervisors above me) made a surprise visit and showed up at my hotel room Sunday morning as I was getting ready to head out fishing/diving. Since the boat captain is an old Navy buddy he was cool with the boss and his trophy wife tagging along at the last minute, we were the only ones on the boat anyways.
    Had a great day diving but got skunked fishing.
    The boss decided to charter my buddies 48" sailboat for the trip Tuesday to the Virgin Islands/British Virgin Islands. So after we completed the site visit Monday afternoon we sailed off for our Tuesday site visit. Great trip and only 6 hours.
    We were cancelled for Curacao and Panama so the boss hired my buddy to sail us to Brazil. 26 hours of hard sailing later we were in Rio De Janero.
    Since we were a day early we laid off shore and did more fishing and diving.
    Completed the site visit friday and partied until it was time to leave Saturday afternoon. I slept from wheels up to wheels down in Miami.
    The boss and his wife had such a good time thier planning on accompanying me down south for the rescheduled site visits in January.
    Couldnt convince them into going to Singapore in December, but they decided to send my direct supervisor with me to meet our points of contact and learn the accounts. He'll be glad to take the trip he's never traveled out of the U.S. and is always asking about places I visited in the Navy.