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BAWOOSH!!!! there goes the economy

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So I get sent on a trip to Korea for work. As I am there installing an upgrade on a tool, one of the field service engineers that is helping me gets laid off in the middle of the install. After the worst possible day ever at work (read my post with this title) I finally get on a plane back to the good old US.

On the plane I sit next to the stinkiest, garlic breathed old man. He snored like a train wreck the whole flight. fortunately I was so tired that I was able to pass out. It might have been from his breath though. When I get back to work I find that 50% of my dept at work has been laid off. The whole industry has gone flat and everyone is almost at a standstill. So now I sit and hold my breath until either the grim reaper finds me to hand out pink slips or the economy turns around.

If you feel bad for me don't give me your pity. I don't want it. Instead go out and buy some electronics so the tech sector will turn around and I can get some overtime. This way I can afford some mods for my truck.


  1. ChevyFan's Avatar
    Man, that stinks. Like I said my company cut about 10% a little bit ago. We might be buying stuff in the future.
  2. ridnrimz's Avatar
    that sucks. hope everything works out well for you.
  3. bry2500's Avatar
    I've made it so far through about 7 layoffs. Been hiding pretty good I guess. Thanks for the concern guys.