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Whats the best comment you had about your truck ??

  1. 09Z71BLKBST
    I had a girl tell just yesterday that my truck was orgasmic it is so sexy! She said if it wasn't black it wouldn't be as sexy...
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  2. murdog94
    HA I get told mine Looks like a pile of s&^t.. thats about as far as the compliments go.. But i dont care.. I love the big beast..
    I have been told it sounds awsome...
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  3. csattley14
    My neighbor compliments me on the truck about every day he sees me out in it.
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  4. weswins
    I keep getting asked about the fuel mileage it gets, I just ask them to fill it and it shuts them up.
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  5. murdog94
    Nice.. I guess ill have to try that one!! HAHA
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  6. FergusonT
    For some reason when I tell them my 'burb is a '99...some people say "oh really it doesnt look that old".......thats always from the guys that dont really pay much attention to trucks and what not... My dad drives an F150 though and complimented me on the 'burb. It has distance distortion factor in a couple spots though.....
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  7. jlowe165
    They always ask what kind of power it's got... and the always ask, can I buy it?
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  8. MEAN1/2TON
    Had an older couple in their 60's or so say man that is a beautiful truck and go on and on about then they say well I've always been a ford guy so if it'll turn a ford mans head u know it looks good lol
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