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Should we develop a card/flyer to put under windshield wipers?

  1. ChevyFan
    I've seen other sites do this, if you see a nice well-cared for or modded truck, you can go up and put a flyer/card on the truck to invite them to the club.

    First of all, does anything think this will work?
    I'm certain that not everyone will jump on board to a message forum. However, if you find a truck that is obviously well cared for, I think the odds increase dramatically. Agreed?

    What size/shape/message should it be? I think something simple would work best, and maybe something that can fit into your wallet or something that you can print out and keep in your glove box???

    Other ideas?
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  2. Thundare
    ok i know, the size should be about 150X350(IN PIXELS) nice size and out logo should be in the left corner, u know what i think ill make it and send it to ya Steve.
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  3. Drake_korthos
    I think a business card or postcard sized invite would be appropriate. For simplicity's sake, I'd say just put the logo on it with a message along the lines of: "What a great looking truck! A memeber of would like to invite you to your club so you can show others what is possible with a GM Vehicle. Membership is free, and set up is a snap!" Maybe leave a blank line for the member to put his username in or something. Just my two cents!
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  4. donyms
    Drake, I'm with you 100% I think yours is a great idea.
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  5. Curky
    I agree too. A business card or size on resume paper would not be over whelming and show a little class. A large piece of paper is too much. I have had both the card I took my time and looked at the paper I glance and crumble up 70% of the time. I would for sure do this.
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  6. Curky
    OK, I was just playing around before anyone got to work. Just saying, going with a card size. This isn’t my place to do but no one else is as far as I know. I am not good at this. I was just playing around. I am not doing anything with this, just posting. Opinions? @donyms

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  7. donyms
    I actually like it, I am not good at things like that either but I sometimes get lucky. It's good to see someone trying. Thanks @Curky now let's see what Steve thinks.
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  8. Curky
    Where *sponsor giveaways are I could probably add one maybe two lines with it: @Steve
    *Need Help or like to help
    *sponsor giveaways
    *Like to be part of a Team
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  9. FrigginNoodles
    How about something like this (actual size would be 4x6, standard post card size) Also maybe something on the back, just don't know:

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  10. Curky
    I like it. I would use it. Just need and OK to do so. I would print my own as well.
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