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GMTC Street Team!

  1. Springthing
    Ok, first things first! How about a secret group handshake?? It should be real I'm the only one here. How about the pound, then a left eye wink and a guttural "HUH!", then the single pump flowing right into the flying bird?

    YES! I was just thinking exactly the same thing!

    Ok, let's get down to some PR here.

    I agree! What's first?

    Well, we have the GMTC decal on the suburban. That's a start. And we've mentioned the club to a few ppl we know that have and take pride in their GM truck.

    Hey! Aren't I going to an auto show soon?

    Yes! Yes I am! That would be a GREAT place to bring up the GMTC! The SEMA show! Perhaps I can drop a mention here and there if/when I'm talking to folks about anything automotive that may apply for my specific applications.

    Right! Well, this has been a great first post I think. We got a few things accomplished. Hopefully we'll be getting a little more direction in the future. Not that I didn't enjoy the company.

    Aw, thanks.

    Keep on truckin'!
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  2. MWright936
    Thought I'd give you some company in here man. None of my friends drive GM trucks, but I tell everyone I know about this forum anyway. I live in Jasper, TX, so I don't know how much PR I can really do, but I'll do what I can!
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  3. Springthing
    Ya, not much I can do either. But, like I was telling myself, the SEMA show is coming up very shortly and I'm sure I'll be able to tell more than one person about it. That, along with posting here in the forums about the show while I'm there, may get a few more people on board. As with any other group it's always nice to have a diverse crowd. We might actually get a bored Chevy dealership mechanic one day that comes on every evening and answers everyone's questions...

    ...I have a dream...

    *snaps out of it*

    anyway...what were we..?.. oh ya, the PR thing.

    Yes, I think Steve had a particular idea about Street Team. I'm not sure if he'll be using that nick strictly to manage the ROTM but we'll find out eventually. That's a busy man right there!

    Anywho... glad to see this social group growing so fast! WOW! Trippled membership in just a few short weeks! Woot!
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  4. BIG D CHEVY 1500
    hi guys i have a Silverado 1500 and i wanted to know if i can be part of your team i live in south florida if you guys want to talk my email is and tell me that you are from the truck group
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  5. raisor87
    do burn outs and noise ordainence tickets count as pr
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  6. Springthing
    Good one, Raisor! muahaha
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  7. Springthing
    FYI- Street Team is the "starter" of this group. It's an account started by Steve to help with things here and there, I believe. We'll see if he has anything to say in the near future. If not I'll contact him and see if there's anything he needs.
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  8. raisor87
    ok so we want to draw in some different vehicles so maybe we can work on the new hummer models, the equinox, yukon hybrids, and the canyon models
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  9. raisor87
    also there is an awesome tahoe police truck on the gm media site
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  10. Chevrolade
    I love this Site it has been a great help with all my rides.I have already passed around the site to lots of friends. I Wouldnt mind Posting a few stickers on my cars , how can i get some? would be nice to have sick looking Rear window large enough to read without tailgaiters!!
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