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Favorite Duty Station??

  1. 95clunker
    Ive only been in for 3 years, but so far my favorite was Sheppard AFB tx. Wasnt that great of a place but the people i was there with made it the best base ive been to
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  2. McMahan
    my personal favorite is FT. Campbell, KY
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  3. Airborne Medic
    Airborne Medic
    This is hard. Each Base has its own good points.
    Drunkest place I was .. Yongson Korea.
    Favorite unit would be at Ft Bragg.
    Base with most things to do around it is Ft Sam Houston.

    Bottom Line FT Sill blows.
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  4. Thumper
    Man that is easy... hands down... Germany. Best 3 years in the Army, well year and a half (spent half my time deployed). Ft Polk would have to be the worst place ever, and yes I was actually stationed there and not just on a JRTC visit. Ft Lewis, WA was pretty nice, the unit I was with blew chunks. And well now, Ft Sill, OK... yeah, it sucks. Can't wait to leave this place and go to the Carolina's! 2 years left boys!!
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  5. LoneWolf'burban
    Being in the reserves I get to sample a lot of places. My fave is Ft. Eustes, VA. Next to the coast, great roads outside of the city, beautiful women. Spent six months there in two week incriments in different schools and pre mobe training. Ft. Dix, NJ blows. Ft. Lewis, WA is nice if you're on the main post. Ft. Wood in my home state of MO blows. I hate Camp Atterbury, IN. Bahgram Air Field, Afghanistan sucked big salty donkey ^%*. Yea, I said it, salty. But that's because I was put to work as a carpenter and most of my time was waiting around for something to do because I had to stay close incase some little errend came up that nobody else could be bothered with. Ft. Bliss, TX is a nice place to visit but my two years with an Air Defense Artillery Battery killed any love for it. And last but not least, Springfield, MO is where my reserve unit is and I've been there for almost six years. Not my favorite place but my favorite people. That, is what makes it worth all of it.
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  6. MoBillyAla
    In my single days Korea was the greatest (Camp Casey) , but Ft Hood, TX is my real pick with Ft Carson, CO as a very close 2nd...
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  7. bama2010z71
    im still at my 1st which is ft campbell. but im going to benning in january to be range cadre for tradoc. so we will see.
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  8. rileyjr16
    Well so far, my only duty command is USS Dwight D Eisnehower out of Norfolk, Va. I like it kinda. Sucks I had to come up here on Christmas Eve though.
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  9. devil_doc7721
    not where i was actually stationed while be in active duty but when i was a kid my dad is in the navy and we were stationed in Rota Spain and that was definetly my favorite place ive lived. i have tried to get stationed there but no such luck
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