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  1. loco713
    2004 chevy silverado right rear brake caliper sticking and brake pedal soft and to day brake are working good. had anybody seen that before?
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  2. chilax
    I have a similar issue on mine, seems the outside air temp has something to do with it for me up here in New Hampshire. I'm curious to see what others think as well tho, I'm probably going to pull the wheel this weekend to check it out.
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  3. loco713
    i found out what it was. when the caliper lock up and the the brake fluid get hot it will make the pedal soft. so i replace the rear calipers and flush the old fluid out with new fluid.
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  4. K15 Blazer Guy
    K15 Blazer Guy
    My truck did, and is kinda' still doing the exact same thing.
    first, the sticking. oil got on the rear drum shoes... alxe oil, not something light like WD40. so what happened was the oil turned to varnish with all the excessive heat, and the rear locked up and cracked the wheel cylinders.
    so we replaced them and the the shoes, and cleaned the crap out of the drums. no more locking =)
    however, the pedel still feels like a orange... like, you can press on it, and there is pressure, but then you can stomp on it, and it flattens.... ya-know...
    all this happened after a new axle and master clynder went in...
    so im thinking something somwhere is still cracked and letting air creep in....... or the master clynder is just a P.O.S...... wish i could just find an honest mechanic. i had to call the B.A.R. on the last place...
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  5. ckrame1
    if the system has never been open, and does not have air in the system (leaks) make sure to check the caliper hardware, the cheap ones from autozone, Etc. will cause binding, and result in in excess travel (soft Pedal) the pads will slide in and out easily if the hardware is correct.
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  6. Pikey
    Sometimes a soft pedal can be caused by an old rubber brake line ballooning under pressure (when the pedal is pushed) You can have a friend press the pedal while you crawl under the truck and check out the rubber hoses. I have seen then just balloon in one spot, i have also seen the entire thing swell up under pressure and then return to normal size when the pedal is released.
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