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Electric fans

  1. BluBurb89
    Have any of you used the taurus electric 2 speed fan? If you have, did you connect it to a secondary battery and did you get a higher output alternator? Has anyone used any of the K&N or Summit racing air cleaner filter tops? I have an older 5.7 TBI (1989) w/198K on it. It run great and I want to keep it that way; just want it to breath a bit better and run cooler. Any suggestions welcomed.
    1989 R1500 w/TH700R
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  2. murdog94
    What temp is it running at now?? If it is under 200degrees then id leave it alone since the operating temp for these trucks is 190-200...
    And there are a few write ups on hooking up the elec fans in here.. I have been looking at them as a possibility for my 1988 since i hate firing it up and letting out the clutch and hearing nothing but fan for the first couple of minutes.
    The K&N is a nice filter but these motors dont really breath that great to begin with the stock filter housing will do fine and actually bring in cooler air from the fender.
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  3. BluBurb89
    Looking @ the stock gauge I'd say 195 and thanks for the info regarding the air filter and fan. If I can find one; it's going in. Any ideas on a tranny cooler and location?
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  4. murdog94
    For mounting your tranny cooler putting it in front of the Radiator is your best be since the fans will still pull air over it. IF you are equipped with a factory one that goes thru the radiator ensure that you run that in conjunction with any Aftermarket tranny cooler to maintain a good temperature range.. See with these new trucks. the EFI and electronics are deisgned to run in a certain temperature range.. As mentioned 190-200 is actually where the computer wants the motor for the best efficency.
    And your tranny will be happy for longer with an accessory cooler, but ensure that you run it through the radiator cooler as well. As for the cooler like brand etc. I dont really have a major opinion.
    OH and make sure that you service your tranny regularly.. Filter, and fluid ever 30K is usually my motto, and then around 90K i have a flush done.. But when i had automatic trucks i pushed them really hard.
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