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What Have You Done So Far

  1. adidasboy918
    Okay guys what mod's have you done to your trucks so far. And what is the next thing you are thinking about doing?
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  2. SoCal Chevy
    SoCal Chevy
    well first off i wanna start by saying this group souned apropriate cosidering my screen name haha
    anyways, ive just put a few mod in my truck so far.
    first was a locking gate handle about a week after we bought it
    then came the new rims and tires, 18x9 American Racing atx series thugs with bfg a/t's (285/65)
    and the latest was the n-fab nerf steps
    i was hoping to het a rancho quick lift on this weekend but the parts shop still hasnt called us back about it and in the future im looking to get a borla cat back, k&n or volant cai, and an eaton electric locking rear diff. id like to get a rancho 4inch lift also but for now the leveling kits okay
    and lastly, i have all the stuff to paint tint my tail lights but im a lil afraid to do it since im still in hs and the last thing i need is a ticket for tinted tail lights and the cops here are pretty b**chy
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  3. adidasboy918
    Hi and welcome. Sounds like your off to a good start with your truck. you've done a little more then I have so far. As far as tinting the tail lights you may want to hold off on those. The cops and chp hate tinted lights no matter how light they are. If anything stop in to your local station and ask them about it.
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  4. Project Reaper
    Project Reaper
    Well I have a 1997 K1500 Silverado 4X4. Black Exterior, grey/black interior. 35X12.50X15 wheels and rubber, ProComp 6inch lift 6 shocks in the front 2 in the rear, 3 inch body lift, a few cosmetic mods. Nothing major. In the near future Im going to upgrade the stereo and speakers, i would love a double din but i cant fit it so ill have to stay with a single din dvd player. What i want to do in the future is a SAS ( Solid Axle Swap ) and get a custom lift, maybe 8" total. and upgrade my 350 vortec with a newer LS 8.1 496 Vortec and supercharge it. that would be a dream to finish that lol.
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  5. Roy G. Biv
    Roy G. Biv
    Hey guys. I started off with an 08 Silverado 1500 4.8L v8. Step one was running the crappy stock tires bald in under 15,000 miles, then replacing them with Pro Comp 7809 (18x9) wheels, smothered in Nitto Terra Grappler 285/70 tires and a 1.5" Pro Comp leveling kit. Step 2 was the addition of the window tint and the line-x bed liner. Step 3 was the Diablo chip mod to add another 15 tq and hp to the truck to accomodate the new wheels and tires and to adjust the speedo to accomodate them as well. Finally, added a magnaflow muffler and a drop in K&N air filter to the mix to make it sound like the beast it looks like. Who knows what else I might do to it...
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  6. Ernie57
    Well I started out with a stock 06 Avalanche Z-71 4x4, I put 1000 miles on it and had the lift kit put on it my wife told me I was crazy she said it's a new truck, Had a 3" body lift put on it and got mew 35" tires for Christmas just got threw making a bed slide and love it, and istalled LED's.
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  7. JRD761
    Got my truck in March of 2010.. 2004 Silverado 5.3L
    It had around 78,000 miles on it, and just had a K&N CAI, Flowmaster Exhaust, & a bedliner.
    I've put new front & rear brakes, front & rear brake rotors, new tires, tinted the windows, HID Headlights, new complete stereo/speaker system, and a 2006 Grille.. still looking for a 2006 hood! Just went over 90,000 miles this morning...
    Next mods: Get that 2006 hood.. find a factory fog light kit.. and level the truck out..
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  8. mtbikerbboy
    I got an '89 GMC Sierra SLX 1500. So far all I have done is restore the original luster to the wheels and fill in the holes that were drilled in the bed when my dad was using the truck as a work truck. I have a 4" drop kit waiting to go in. My future plans include rebuilding the drivetrain (engine, regearing the transmission and rear-end), paint, interior, sound system, spray-in or roll-on bed liner, and some engine performance upgrades.
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