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Sep 15, 2009
Oct 22, 2008
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Sep 15, 2009
    1. wallstetter
      sweet videos..u like the G8 better then the GTO?
    2. 04blackgmc
      i got it from my work but has no warranty on it.. have to tried slow charging it a few times, that usually works..
    3. wallstetter
      hey things are good that sucks about the gto send me a pic of the new g8...where did u get the battery from in the truck cause it died on me it sat for 2 weeks and i didnt leave any lights one but i just thought it was weird for that battery to die ive also been thinking about putting a 6 inch lift on just not sure what kind
    4. wallstetter
      thats what i really want is a 67-72 those are the best looking GM trucks in my opinion but i got the 87 on a trade for a 97 s10 blazer
    5. wallstetter
      looks good i got a ton of pics of the blazer but they arent downloaded ill send them your way when i get them down loaded
    6. wallstetter
      seen it for 2.69 credit and 2.71 cash on my way home today...i got another new truck to its a 1987 K5 blazer in the process of rebuilding it right now got all new sheet metal the other day its completely stripped the only thing left on the frame is the cab and motor
    7. wallstetter
      o yea i love the truck i hate filling it up but o well what can you do and dont worry im still taking good care of her
    8. wallstetter
      o yea dude i know and im glad you did most people wouldnt have cared i was actually thinking about sending you an email just to see whats up and see how you like the new car
    9. wallstetter
      ok sweet know i dont sound so much like a dumb ass when someone asks me
    10. wallstetter
      ok thanks yea that was some of the stuff i didnt even know lol u like the new car?
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    OLDER:lifted 04 sierra
    OLD:2004 red m6 gto..bolt on's and cammed..
    09 white hot G8GT premium/sport onyx/red
    1/4 13.08@106.36 60FT 1.999
    330hp 347tq
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