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    1. 1988blueburb
      Thanks! Not sure if I should start this before my camping trip on the 9th. I'll keep you posted when I start.
    2. 95CTburb19
      No problem. It really isn't all that hard. You will need to get some new U Bolts which they will almost definitely have at pep boys. I know at the Autozones by me they come in these red packages that say lift/lowering ubolt kit. Its like 20 bucks or something. It will help if you have a grinder to cut down the ubolts when installing them. I searched around and found this. http://www.truckcustomizers.com/products/K6SPL306.1.html

      I would do an add-a-leaf if I were in your situation. The only leaf springs have definitely seen better days. Putting blocks under them may cause more stress which could possibly make them snap. I've heard about those shock springs but never actually seen a set so I can't really give an opinion on those. I did a set of add-a-leaf's in my jeep and they were easy to put in and have held their height really well. Let me know if you need any more info
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