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May 20, 2009
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New Member, from Olympic Peninsula

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Oct 31, 2010
    1. sailincale
      hey man, been trying to get ahold of one of those black bowties for the front grille. where did you get yours? is it a new piece or a sticker over the old one?
    2. Vincennes02261897
      Hey, man. I really like the "Urban Tactical Design". The truck AND the name. I think a lot about tactical value and utility as I mod my truck. I haven't gotten very far but before too long I suppose that I'll have what I'm looking for. I don't know if that's what you were going for with that name, but I figured a compliment was due for the truck regardless!
    3. c_m_chance
      That's for the comment on my truck man! So much I still want to do and not enough time or money! haha But that's how it always is I guess lol
    4. 99'HEARTBEAT
      Thanks for Nice Comment,on my Truck.
    5. bob13
      Thanks for the friend request. By the way, I started a firefighter group if you are interested you can find it in the groups section. The groups around here are kind of funny. Best I can tell it does'nt mean anything and you don't do anything, you just join. lol talk to you soon
    6. Kyles03
      Thanks man.
    7. The Werm
      The Werm
      so do you have a leveling kit?
    8. TRPLXL2
      Merry christmas!
    9. 1S1K
    10. b_burdine
      Hey what brand rims are those on your trailblazer?
    11. TRPLXL2
      Believe it or not that green truck in the picture was my truck from 04', it is identical to the 05' I have now with the exception of two things. The truck in the picture was a 4x4, and it had tan leather interior which my new one is 2wd and cloth interior. That's how much I loved that truck, I turned right around and bought the exact same thing again.
    12. TRPLXL2
      Thanks for the friends request, look forward to talking with you in the future. Definately after I get my truck cap, that's going to be my christmas present to myself.
    13. poncho08
      nice truck man! and it a ranch hand bumper on my truck pritty deadly lookin bumper
    14. 09Z71BLKBST
      Im lovin your truck and mods! Might i ask how much it cost and where you got the lift?
    15. zlively51
      I like the grill, where did you find it?
    16. Shorty 71
      Shorty 71
      Thank you, i'm a big fan of your truck too!
    17. Chevyboy96
      Thanks, nice looking truck you have too
    18. s5belford
      I love the look of your truck with the cap and the rook rack, you must have had a LOT of stuff to fill up the bed, the roof rack, and the hitch-mounted rack! what was the occasion?

      I really want a cap but its a little out of the budget right now... I'm saving up, hope to have one by next winter.

      I've said it before but just wanted to let you know again you have a beautiful truck!
    19. coombia21
      what kind of paint did you use on you bowtie and did you clear it
    20. TylerR04
      Thanks for the picture comment!
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    Home page:
    Olympic Peninsula
    lots of Ford Trucks
    2004 Chevy Suburban
    2005 Nissan Titan
    Live here in the "Great Northwet"

    Shooting sports, Family,


    Urban Tactical Design
    2008 Silverado Z71 Crew Cab
    -Custom Grill Insert
    -Nerf Bars Steps
    -Leer Canopy with Thule Racks 100XL
    -285 65 18's
    -Incubus"Recoil" Wheels18x9
    -Tuff Country 2 inch Level Lift
    -Weather Tech Molded Mud Guards
    -Thule MOAB Basket (painted)
    -Reverse Lights mounted rear of steps (55w)
    -Garmin GPS (Portable)
    -Flo-Pro Exhaust 40 series
    Winter Set
    265 70 17's on stock z71 wheels painted xtreme liner black
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