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Dec 23, 2009
    1. Chevyon22s
      Hey man, I was wondering if you had any rub problems or troubles with the 45/r22 tires on your ride with the 4/7 drop? I have a 2008, with a DJM 4/7, also with 22's but I have 265/35/r22 on there and i really want to get a taller tire, due to more cushion. Im trying to get a smoother softer ride, and I was thinking just going to 40s but saw that you had the 45s on so i was wanting to ask because if it did ok, I may just do that..
    2. 2008blackWT
      They are the stock 22inch escalade wheels
    3. rade781
      hey man i like the truck i wanna get rims on my silvy what kind are those?
    4. 2008blackWT
      Yeah those are just the stock headlights. I have them tinted now.
    5. phatboy69
      Dude, B E A U T I F U L RIDE! Not trying to sound like an idiot, but are those stock headlights?
    6. ki4kma
      We had to sell the truck for money issues, but before it leaves the house I'll post a bunch of pictures of it on the website inside under the hood. If you have any questions about restoring one give me a yell and maybe I can help you out. We did some pretty neat stuff to our that you would not generally notice such as turn the bumbers upside down. Take a good look at the picture and you will see what I'm talking about.
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    2008 Chevy Silverado WT for sale
    All black with DJM 4/7 drop sold
    Factory Navi for sale
    22inch Escalade wheels sold
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