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Dec 21, 2012
    1. donyms
      Hey 2 Tone, I just joined on with the street team, just wondering if there is anything you can tell me to get me up to speed. Oh, you have one sick truck, very nice. :glasses:
    2. silveron
      you have one fine truck
    3. 00chevy53
      deff. a clean truck... but ill tell u first hand that you will love the 6.0 swap makes a huge difference in my single cab and im almost staying with the 6.0 gto on the highway id say up about 120 then it pulls slowly away... but you wont regret the swap
    4. SliverZ71
      :sign0173:Very Nice truck

      :cool: Steve
    5. imtbear69
      Hey hows it going? You going to show your truck this year?
    6. groceryman
      Hey talked to mother in law can get her extra car for a few days if you are interested in trading my lights are in great shape just let me know Thanks
    7. dsrtne1
      So did you paint it yourself?
    8. lowsilverado
      yeah i think its pretty sweet that my dad is a body man except its impossible to work for him ha its like some orange couty chopper paul sr and jr action goin down lol but he def has the eye for what looks sweet and what dont. but anybody can go out and buy an escalade with a hundred thou loan and slap some 33's on it and call it mint, but when you get perminant grease stains and wreck your knuckles on rusty bolts and smell bondo for months and countless days laying under it just screaming f-bombs and just as it turns out just prime once your about ready to set it on fire and roast marshmallows over it. to me thats cool not pep brothers rims and glue on scoops. as the the 454 goes its a built ls1 out of a chevelle so i think it makes just a little bit more power than the 350. but yeah the stock ss trucks just make noise and suck gas this one is ledgit the z28 it was out of would rip wheelies out of the garage with the right tires and gears but the old man prob wont donate that puppy
    9. lowsilverado
      yeah i was going to buy this 88 monte ss for like 2000 but i came across this low chev truck in this guys back yard but someone took a sawzall and cut the roof off right through the cab corners and seat belts, everything and the guy said i could have it for free so me and my old man put another cab and box on it and made a sweet custom scoop from a doge challanger . then i hit a deer and wrecked the hood and grille and i bottomed out and ripped a hole in the gas tank. but i have it back to semi new condition ill finish it someday and then im thinkin putin that 4 llink air ride rear end in it and bag the front and throwin a 454 in it and makin it an ss
    10. lowsilverado
      you have such a sweet truck im jealous as hell, probably one of the cleanest most bad ass newer silverado i have ever seen
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    Fresno California
    1992 BMW
    1999 Camaro
    (Current) Rebuilt 04 Silverado
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    2004 4.8| Custom Paint| Tint| De-badged| Shaved Tailgate| Rollpan| Smoked Tails| Color Matched| Lowered 5/8| Suede Interior| Color Matched Interior| Indash & TVs| Mids-Lows & 2 12" CVRs| 500 & 1100 Interfires| Soundeadener| Outlaw CAI| Magnaflow|
    Future Mods: 6.0 LQ4/9| Bags|
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