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    1. MTM
      With mine they are very close. You could oval the holes out and they would work but i wanted mine to look like they came on the truck so i took my time and made a template because it wanted the mirror to follow the body line. if you just oval out the holes the mirror will not follow the body line. Also once they were just held to the body i noticed that the mirrors were going to sit up at an angle sort of like what the towing mirrors look like on the the 2000 model chevys so i trimmed pieces of plastic off so they would sit flat. It's all on your personal opinion if you dont mind them not matching the body lines and sitting up at an angle then they are very easy to install
      Yes. no problem to swap in a 2000 modell. and also YES on i provide engine tranny and labor. But we will keep your engine and tranny aswell !
    3. Sam_A
      Thanks! I've had the truck since August and am loving it! The tires came on the truck when I bought it and so far I've put just under 7K miles on them. So far they seem to wear good. I've been really happy with them on the road and they are excellent in the rain. I keep the tires inflated at 45 PSI. They feel really sturdy even on sharp corners and under load. They only complaint I have is their performance in mud. I had to put the truck in 4x4 because I was spinning out the first time I got in some mud. Hope this helps.
    4. 99ChevyZ71
    5. Pete95Sierra
      It was probably the ugliest thing on the truck because it was low, but it was worth it to have it when I wanted it. After a bit I really didnt notice it anyway. If you think you are going to tow anything then just go for it.
    6. 2wheelmudder
      yeah i think my truck is already starting to leak oil
    7. Brentt
      dont you mran IF the 350 dies? haha yea id have to say cummins is my fave engine...
    8. 2wheelmudder
      yeah haha, so i been lookin into gettin a 4bt cummins swap when the 350 dies
    9. Brentt
      nice man if gas ever hits $1.00 ill have to come up hahaha
    10. 2wheelmudder
      oh yeah i usually mud at a farm that i worked at got some nice trails and some big mud pits
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    Perrysburg, OH
    Diesel Mechanic
    2000 Chevy Silverado 2500 4x4 6.0L v8


    2000 Chevy Silverado 2500 4x4

    6.0L v8:great: 4L80E

    2.5 in Daystar leveling keys

    285/75/16s BFG ATs on HD wheels

    Cab lights and tool box
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