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Oct 10, 2015
May 17, 2009
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Rockstar, from Perry County, Pennsylavania

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Oct 10, 2015
    1. 97chevz71
      thanks steve
    2. ChevyFan
      Congrads on teh ROTM win, great looking rig.
    3. 97chevz71
      Thanks Caddiac i bought the grill at the Carlisle truck all nationals and i really cant tell you the name because i dont know it myself. I bought the headlight off autoanything cant remeber the brand name but they were around 150. I bought the parking lamps at carlisle also so i dont know the name brand. But similiar one are very easy to find at autoanything or other stores on the internet just need to make sure they are clear diamond so you get the reflectivness if you put different color light bulbs in. As for the extra light the bar is pro comp and the lights are hella 75 driving lights i belivie. I really like them alot i set them up so when i hit the high beams they come right on and i when i go back to lows they go right off. I hope i answer your question and if you have anymore give me a hollar. And thanks for the vote.
    4. caddiac
      Tell me about what you did the the grill and lights on you '97. That looks really sharp and my grill is looking.., well like it is 12 years old and had a strong headwind for 219,000 miles. B.T.W. you got my vote too this month. It was a tough choice and the grille & lights were the tie breaker.
    5. 97chevz71
      I have plently, and i will need to post some more. Hopefully soon, and thanks for the comment.
    6. Spike
      Really nice clean truck, do you have any more pictures?
    7. 97chevz71
      Why Thanks You
    8. TRPLXL2
      Alright after checking out the ROTM, I decided to vote for your truck. It is in perfect condition from what I can see, and It is a nice representation of keeping it mostly stock and tasteful. Good luck with the race, you have your work cut out for you.
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