Feb 3, 2010
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    1. ajarman
      LJM, yeah they are correct as of the 33's. I have not measured them now with the toyo's. Should bump it up a little bit, but not much. I will update this weekend. I have depleated my play funds so I am done for a while.
    2. ljmueller
      Hey Ajarman, are your fender measurements in your sig correct? BTW, trying to get to the "darkside" asap, however may be a bit. Play money is a little tight right now.
    3. BrownPats420
      What's happening, I ended up goin with KYB's for now once I get a lift i'll have to take them out anyways. 85$ for 2 I was'nt complaining haha
    4. ChevyFan
      Hey, where you been?
    5. Vincennes02261897
      Very cool. It looks great. I've got nothing new on my end. The rear bumper is the newest addition and I'm still loving it. I definitely have a list of mods I've been meaning to chisel away at but my extra money has been tied up in some other things here lately. Can't wait though. And I'll definitely keep you guys posted as soon as they come.
    6. Vincennes02261897
      You've got that truck of yours looking even better in my absence! When did you decide to go with the lift? Catch me up. Did you throw out the rear blocks and leveling kit altogether or what? What did you end up going with?
    7. tylerjrob
      Hey, new to the site....hope this works. We have the same truck but mine is a 2011. Did you level yours out? What size? I was thinking about doing mine. I pull a trailer every once in a while, is that going to make a big difference? Im doing the research on it and looking at all the mods I want to do. Thanks!
    8. Tj07classic
      how do you like the programmer. i have been thinking of getting one. do they add and real power or is it just hype.
    9. sgtsjj
      everyone back to the pile
    10. sgtsjj
      Maybe guys off of th ford forum got together and decided to infiltrate our forum to talk smack??? Lol what it comes down to is people don't want to work for anything any more if they don't like the answer they get they file a law suit and they will most likly win, and in the end mess everything up for regular guys, I don't think law suits should be aloud.... im a huge fan of south park and sadly matt and trey are really smart when it come to politics and what not
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