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Apr 7, 2013
Feb 1, 2012
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Apr 7, 2013
      Well haven't done much lately, but I did just get some HID's. Morimoto's from the retro fit source 6000k. Still have to put them in though. Also have switchbacks and LED fogs to go with them. I also got a AMI big stick. Hoping to get some wheels in the spring. What about you, took the old man topper off yet?
    2. ChevyFan
      I assume you've been pretty busy lately huh? Don't be a stranger.
    3. Coach24
      Doing ok running all over the west and little time to post. Busy season for futures and I have a huge territory. Just got homee last night and leaving this morning for Idaho
    4. donyms
      Thank you so much Amac for the comments on my pictures, that was very sweet. Also, I think you have taken a beautiful truck and made it even better by making it your own. Everything you have done to your truck just shows how classy of a woman you are. Keep up the good work. :great:
    5. Jeremy09LTZCrew
      So I was just looking through your album and I figured out what you're missing. Chrome mirror caps. I think we should trade..... Just saying... :great:
    6. AMac
      I was just trying to clean up some visitor messages, so I apologize if they are showing as deleted.
    7. Sierraowner5.3
      how much you want for that plasma glow led bar? may try that on my truck, my APC lightbar is going out.

    8. rileyjr16
      I'm taking a girl to her senior prom Saturday haha, I'll wash and wax the old girl (the truck!!) and take pictures so you can finally see her all cleaned up and waxed (still talking about the truck) and maybe a new hood ornament like nak has lol
    9. donyms
      Hey Amac, I was checking out your new pictures. Great job, I just can't get over how good your truck looks and it has that classy look to it also. Great job girl, keep it up. :glasses:
    10. UpsetProps
      Yep. Just like this one:

      You could get one from a dealership I am sure. Getting the gold portion out of the chrome was pretty tough. I used a hair dryer to heat it up and a small flat 8" metal ruler to pry it off the adhesive. I had to lift the corners to start it with a tiny screwdriver. It might be a bit harder to get off the chrome portion if its not attached to something. Best bet would probably be to 3M the whole thing to a work bench so you can pry it apart then after you paint and re-assemble it take it off the bench and stick on the truck.

      Here is the little screwdriver and ruler I used with a paperclip beside for size reference:

    11. UpsetProps
      It is the stock one on my 2012. I pulled off the inner gold portion and painted it after reading a few of the guides here.

      Used Dupli-Color black and clear coat, and 3M adhesive to put it back on.
    12. Drake_korthos
      Hey there! The install for those RECON headlights was definitely a pain in my rear! Between splicing wires to light up the L.E.D.'s and trying to adjust the lights, took quite a while! I have some photo's in my thread showing the installation if you're interested in what we had to move/remove to get them in!:glasses:
    13. GMCErica
      Hey Girl!
      how are things on GMTC! MY vacay in Toronto, is awesome...Have a bad a** Chevy Silverado 4X4, black.... for the week.... i will be on again soon....
    14. Conlan Rose
      Conlan Rose
      I probaly won't add another light because of lack of room and the light was really suppose to even out the wiring harness being on the other side. And most people do put one on each side I went against the trend kind of.
    15. AMac
    16. Conlan Rose
      Conlan Rose
      hey @AMac i posted pics on my tread about installing aux wiring in my tahoe. have before and after pics its come out nice!
    17. donyms
      Hey Amac, how you doing today? Your truck looks awesome and the mods you have done look great. I really like the picture you put up with the black border, very classy looking. In fact I liked it so much I changed my signature picture and put a border the color of my truck. I hope you don't mind me copying your idea. Great job girl. :glasses: Don
    18. Jimmeh
      Meh....that requires too much work. Today is lazy day, lol.
    19. ChevyFan
      your chat not working again?
    20. Chevy Girl
      Chevy Girl
      hey girl, where you been?
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