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Oct 2, 2011
Jan 25, 2009
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Davenport, Iowa (the quad cities)
I have two. I work for the DOD at the Rock Island

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Rockstar, from Davenport, Iowa (the quad cities)

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Oct 2, 2011
    1. Mindi51982
      What's up?!
    2. s5belford
      thanks for the pic comment, and yes I really do want painted door handles. I've looked around a little bit but I'm a little scared about putting them on.... did you put black ones on yours?
    3. Darknesss23
      I've already got some MINOR curb scrape-age on my GM 20's but its not enough to bother me...They still shine when they're polished up which is what matters...

      I was actually just recently considering filling in that groove in the center of each "spoke" of the wheel with that black reflective vinyl... but i think that would be a little excessive... lol

      the new rims look good on your truck... I just like the look of some good A/T's over the good year street tires... those eagle LS tires only lasted me 17k....
    4. Darknesss23
      I have always loved the bridgestone Dueler A/T Revo's... I had gone through 3-4 sets of them on my '96 dodge ram... and this is the first set I've had on the silverado... I just went and did some MILD off-roading at a local mud pit/"jeep" trail and I didn't get stuck one bit... which says a lot about the tire because my buddy who was with me has 35" Toyo A/T's on his truck and he has about twice as much tread depth on his tire then i do on mine...
    5. CS-10 86
      CS-10 86
      Yes i do have a sub, and as much credit i'd like to take for it. I did not install it. Installation was paid for. The box was put under the whole rear bench seat downward firing sealed. Is one 12" enough? Yes it is, for some. I wouldn't mind more thump, but I am content and not looking to upgrade anytime soon. Sound quality? Superb, with the 400-4 powering the mids and highs, I hear the highest of notes. The Sub provides great lows and nothing ever too boomy. Hope it helps, good luck on your decision.
    6. CS-10 86
      CS-10 86
      I went with Silverstar Signal bulbs. Its got a chrome tint to them when they are off, and glow amber when turned on. I will have a picture up shortly.
    7. Mindi51982
      It was a good weekend. The nights dipped down into the 30's...I'm glad I had a space heater. I have some pictures I'll send to you later.
    8. Mindi51982
      Steel garage door? That's cool! Took the quad out riding last night and heading to the Silver Lake Sand Dunes this coming weekend in Michigan. Camping all weekend, riding during the day, and drinking around the campfire at night. What a way to spend the weekend!
    9. Springthing
      Nope! The Street Team is not for moderators only. If you look at the top of the forum you will have several links: Auto Quote, Arcade, Blogs, Groups... Click on Groups and on your right hand side you will have all the groups you are able to join. Just click and join! Let me know if there is anything else I can help with.
    10. Mindi51982
      Haven't done too much to it yet. I'm moving to a different apartment at the end of the month so it's on hold for now. I don't have the K&N installed yet, but it should be installed here real soon. I think my next project is to get the new speakers installed, get a custom sub/amp, and a new radio. :great:
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    Davenport, Iowa (the quad cities)
    I have two. I work for the DOD at the Rock Island
    2008 Chevrolet Silverado, 5.3L, EXT. cab, LT. Black on Black, Paint matched door handles, Paint matc
    I don't go anywhere without my IPOD.

    I enjoy riding ATV's whenever I can get my hands on one. Fixing things/Improving things



    2008 Chevrolet Silverado
    Black on Black leather, XM,
    20" GA 4.6
    Bak Flip G2
    5.3L FLEX
    Custom machined bow-tie
    (my ME ; )
    Billet grille inserts
    Paint Matched
    door handles & mirror covers
    Partially de-badged
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